Do You Really Need to Hire an IT Company for Your Tax Firm?

Why Hire an IT Company for a Tax Firm? - Verito Technologies

With the help of tax firms, businesses and individuals find it easier to file tax returns timely and solve complex tax issues. On the other hand, technology has made tax firms more efficient and productive. There are many tax software available in the market, be it UltraTax, Drake, Lacerte, and TaxAct, to name a few. Still, neither tax firms nor their clients are risk-free concerning data breaches. 

In terms of identity theft, both accounting and tax firms face more danger than many other industries. For example, in the recent past, the professional services sector witnessed 130 confirmed data breaches, many of which involved tax preparers and accounting firms. Also, tax refund fraud was ranked one of the most common forms of identity theft worth billions of dollars.

If you also run a tax firm, you know the worth of the confidential financial information you handle for your clients. While hackers and cybercriminals show no signs of slowing down, you can protect your business with the help of managed IT service providers. A managed security service provider is what you precisely need to mitigate various related challenges. 

3 Reasons You Need Manager IT Services for Your Tax Firm

  • For enhanced security of tax data

Unauthorized access, data breach, and theft are tax firms’ primary security concerns that need a comprehensive solution. Unfortunately, taking care of the data breach while not considering unauthorized access may not help, as the vulnerability won’t end. This is where a managed security service provider should be given the center stage to create multiple walls for complete protection of your tax data.

With managed security services, you can rest assured that multiple protection measures will be in place to protect your firm from unauthorized intrusions, malware, and cyberattacks. Whether it is about implementing the next-gen antivirus or a real-time remediation tool, the managed IT service provider performs its duty with dedication and perfection.

Another side of risk mitigation for tax firms is prioritizing risk based on their potential to cause damage. But, again, this is usually a part of the managed security service bundle available to benefit your company in the long term.

  • For proactive response and remediation against threats

Consider the following analogy to understand better the importance of managed IT services –

Burglars attack your home, and you get the information while you are away from your place. The longer the delay of any response from your side to counteract the situation, the more harm you would likely face.

A possible threat against your tax firm’s financial belongings is quite analogous to the situation above. If you delay setting the security measure in an active state, the chances are that the attackers will take away a large proportion of your data to cause more harm. 

Knowing the imminent nature of cyberattacks on tax firms, managed security service providers deploy quick response mechanisms to minimize the risk and maximize the protection quotient. Being experienced players in securing business data and other resources, they have their fingers on the pulse of the new-age attacks.

Being a trusted Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Verito Technologies use VMWare Carbon Black – the best software for system security management as used by Fortune 100 companies.

  • For easy management of compliance

When a firm deals with customer or client data, adhering to various compliance requirements and best practices become a norm, you cannot leave the law aside while continuing the operations of your tax firm and planning for next-level growth.

This is why prominent managed IT service providers cater to tax firms’ built-in compliance management needs. In addition, they can help you with adhering to standard frameworks like PCI-DSS and others. This way, you can rest assured that the way you handle critical information complies with both global and local regulations.

Benefit from Verito’s Managed Security Services for Tax Firms

As your client base grows, so do your data security needs. Join hands with Verito Technologies – a trusted MSSP that can ensure 24/7 data monitoring and protection, in-depth threat analysis, threat remediation, and more.

We understand the threat environment in a way you know about taxation and accounting. So rely on us to get the best IT security services ready for your business. For more information, call us at 1-855-583-7486.

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