IT Support for Accounting and CPA Firms – What All Does It Include?

IT Support for Accounting and CPA Firms

When it is about enlisting the needs of accounting firms, some of the most common options boil down to handling accounting data, ensuring accurate tax preparation, and on-time tax filing. However, other aspects of running an accounting business require external help, one of which is IT infrastructure management. 

If you are running a CPA firm, you would want the integrated IT systems and business applications to run smoothly so that you can focus on what you do best. In addition, you want to ensure that your team members work at their full potential while system security is well taken care of.

You need not invest in hiring in-house professionals for every such IT need. Instead, hiring a trusted managed IT support service provider can make all the difference here. It will also ensure that your workforce can maximally utilize the value of business-related technology while external IT experts check the technical side of your business.

Do you want to know what is included in managed IT support services before hiring any service provider? Let’s get into the details.

  • Proactive Detection of Security Breaches

Amidst the rise in cyber threats across the globe, you cannot leave the security side of your accounting business untouched. Since you deal with confidential information about several clients, you need to assure your clients about data safety when they hire your CPA firm. 

With a managed IT support provider, you can rest assured that the IT infrastructure is in safe hands. Most renowned managed IT service providers follow a proactive approach to threat detection while dealing with advanced cyber threats. Instead of waiting for system alerts, these service providers stay ready with protective and corrective measures to minimize or eliminate potential damage.

  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards

As an accounting firm owner or a CPA, you might know well about the standards related to the accounting industry. What about the other regulatory compliances and standards associated with maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure? Do you know how to deal with the roadblocks that may arise from failing to comply with these standards?

Managed IT support service providers understand different IT standards essential to running a reliable business. The proper selection of a managed IT service provider will also ease the load on your operations team by automating the compliance side of the company. This also helps in dealing with the changing regulations over time.

  • System Monitoring

When you have a complex IT environment configured on-premise, keeping a check on its operations and potential risks round-the-clock becomes challenging. Consider the situation in which you are working on an urgent accounting file at midnight related to a client. Suddenly, the IT team comes running to you, asking for help as a potential threat has been detected. If you have no technical aid available, a significant loss can be the result. 

You can benefit from 24×7 device monitoring with managed IT support services, so your IT environment is safe and protected.

  • Patch Management

You might have heard of the newer versions of business applications being released yearly or periodically with more significant benefits. The same holds for embedded systems and operating systems. Here, the patch management process comes into the picture and includes upgrading software with new patches to correct errors or vulnerabilities.

But again, the question is – who will take care of this side of IT management while you and your accounting team are busy handling multiple clients?

Having a managed IT support team by your side will also cater to the patch management process. Whether related to security, system uptime, or feature improvements, they will cover the patches in all these facets.

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  • Intelligent Performance Tracking

Even if you have a small in-house IT team to manage things at work, you can hire an external managed IT support service provider as an extension to the existing team. While working in coordination, both teams can ensure regular monitoring of IT infrastructure and network. As a result, your business will benefit from fast-paced performance tracking.

Switch to Verito Technologies for Managed IT Support Services

If you are looking for a strategic IT partner, join hands with Verito Technologies – a reliable managed IT support provider working with accounting and CPA firms to streamline the IT side of their business. Our all-inclusive IT support and best-in-class system solutions will give you more reasons to continue our partnership in the long term. 

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