Misconception Regarding QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions And Point Of Sale

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale are popular products, which help in business management. Although these software products are used by many organizations, there are a couple of misconceptions regarding these products.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a flexible accounting software, which provides tools that help you in organizing your books, tracking sales, generating reports, and many other features that come handy as your business grows. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise can be considered as a solution, which is more than an accounting system because it integrates with many other components that affect accounting. For example, payroll and inventory.

Typically, a point of sale system includes components that help vendors to register and close their transactions. It can be anything as simple as a cash register. QuickBooks Point of Sale is a one-stop system that records and tracks sales, accepts credit cards, manages vendors, and inventory. It also leads to building customer relationships.

From what we see, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale focus on simplifying tasks related to your growing business. Let us look at some of the myths and misconceptions about these powerful and useful applications:

  • Useful only for small-sized businesses

One of the misconceptions is that these software packages are meant only for small businesses. However, it is not true because the powerful features make it useful for a medium-sized business, as well. Multiple users can work on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. You can also add one million items like customers, inventory items, and so on. It also handles complex, but powerful tasks like inventory management, pricing, and account reconciliation. Similarly, QuickBooks Point of Sales has a plethora of features that can be used efficiently for a multi-store setup.  It can help you handle inventory, credit card processing, inventory management, sync sales, and inventory, customize price tags and receipts, and so on. So, the features do not limit you from using it only for small businesses.

  • These applications are not flexible

Another misconception is regarding the flexibility of the applications. Quickbooks enterprise in the cloud has various functions, which is more than what you can expect from an accounting package. It handles tasks like mobile inventory barcode scanning, tracking inventory in multiple locations, and faster sales order completion by easy picking processes. It adapts itself to the industry you wish to use it. Also, customized editions of the software that matches your industry requirement are available to help you.

QuickBooks Point of Sales is also flexible because it keeps track of inventory, remembers your customers, automatically syncs with other QuickBooks products for seamless accounting and mobile payments. It integrates with Microsoft Office to draft customized letters. It supports the most updated payment technology; it has multi-tasking capabilities.

  • High-cost applications

The other misconception is regarding the cost of these applications. These products are definitely not less expensive. However, when compared to the available features, its integration capabilities, flexibility, and scalability, it is cost-justifiable. At the same time, when you compare the prices of these applications with other similar products, the prices are less. For more information about the latest price and available offers, refer to the Intuit website.


The above-mentioned points give a very brief note about these products. For detailed information, see:

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions

With advancements in technology, new processes, which include digital solutions, are invented every day. These QuickBooks line of products are also incorporating changes to ensure that you get the best for your business. These products with powerful features are being reviewed, tested, and enhanced day after day to ensure that your growing business management tasks are simplified.

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