Recent Changes, Improvements, And Fixes In QuickBooks Desktop 2017

At the times of financial difficulty, financial companies tend to come under the spotlight. Moreover, when business is increasingly becoming competitive, and the cash flow is tight, companies have to emphasize the practicality of their accounting system. It is also a commonly observed fact that many businesses view their accounting software as a tool in the creation of invoices. Furthermore, they also perceive QuickBooks as a way to provide information for the accountant. On the other hand, for those companies who are on the lookout to step up to the latest version of Intuit’s latest Enterprise Solutions, they have to make sure that they comprehend the all new features and improvements.

Some recent changes in QuickBooks Desktop 2017

The QuickBooks Desktop 2017 includes improved and new features that would help your clients to complete tasks with minimum efforts. For instance, the arrival of new scheduled reports is truly a fascinating feature. It is available with QuickBooks Pro, Accountant 2017 and Enterprise V 17.0. Moreover, you can access the Hosted Quickbooks Pro Edition from the menu bar. In this context, it is interesting to note that the report schedule can later be altered from the menu bar. On the other hand, the individual email preference can be completed from the menu bar itself. Other new features in QuickBooks Desktop include the following.

Multi-Currency Functionality:

This feature has the potential to be a major time saver for companies. If their business is related to foreign currency mediums, then QuickBooks Desktop should be your ideal choice. In this manner, you can eliminate pressure from your employees. Whether you are in possession of receivables and invoices, payables and inventory, you can complete all these tasks quite quickly with Intuit’s latest version of QuickBooks desktop.

30 User Configuration:

One of the biggest issues with QuickBooks desktop was that it didn’t have the ability to involve a significant number of users. However, with the latest update, QuickBooks desktop can now require around 30 users to be simultaneously logged into their respective accounts. In the past, a large number of organizations complained that they cannot complete a task at the time. However, with the latest update from Intuit, the companies can now leverage on the smoothness to deliver assignments at the right time.

Instant messaging feature:

Another main feature that was absent in the past editions. However, with the latest release of some new updates from Intuit, it comes with improving productivity. If a company has its branches in different locations, then the instant messaging feature of QuickBooks Desktop would come to their rescue. Additionally, it can be said that admin users can control the whole chat process and would report any anomalies in the chat. It also allows the admin to sign out users at other locations. This feature has practicality as it also allows the supervisor to monitor the work process and undertake decisions accordingly. The central theme behind rolling out these updates by Intuit lies in the fact that it wants to provide the organizations with more control and transparency.

Some fixes and other improvements              

Many companies have acknowledged the fact that there is the improvement in the features of Intuit’s QuickBooks when working with Pay Bills and Print Checks. It is also easier to work with multi-user mode. It is seen as a recent fix by Intuit. Other recent fixes include comfortable view and multiple report filters. In the past, users have to scroll down the list to pick filtered elements carefully. However, with this new fix, the users can select multiple filters in a report.

Always keep in mind the recent fixes and improvements in Intuit’s QuickBooks Desktop to enjoy hassle-free working.

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