Points To Consider When Migrating An App To The Cloud

The industry is finally giving Cloud computing the attention that it well deserves. Hosting applications or software on the cloud is definitely beneficial for the organizations. If you have taken the decision to migrate an app on the cloud, the first step should be finding a good hosting provider. A good hosting provider is a must for a smooth transition.

It is also important to get technical guidance from someone who is experienced in the industry. Thus, a hosting provider. Having said that, there are some more things that you must keep in mind before making the big move. Migration of app to the cloud is easy. There are certain requirements that an app must fulfill to be migrated to the cloud. Approach your hosting provider to understand such prerequisites.

You must understand the application and its requirements before taking the decision of moving it to the cloud. There are certain ideal apps that can be migrated to the cloud. This is also important because it helps you to know how an application will work on the cloud. Some of the applications are cloud-ready.

There are some particular languages that a cloud supports. An application developed in the past 15 years and based on the language supported by the cloud is ready to be migrated to the cloud. If you can deploy a similar platform in the target cloud for the application then migrating becomes easier and smoother.

If need be, then you can divide the app and data on the cloud and non-cloud platforms. Apart from this, there are some other factors that should be considered like compliance with the standards, security features, and governance requirements.

One of the easiest and traditional methods is the lift-and-shift method. This is one of the least expensive methods too. It does not require any modification and you can simply migrate the application with its current environment on the cloud. This approach though is the least expensive at the time of migration but when it comes to long-term performance, lift and shift might not be very cost-effective. This is because when you duplicate the application on the cloud, the app cannot take full advantage of the native cloud environment.

So how to decide if an app needs to be re-architect or lift-and-shift? We will help you take the big call. Here are some points that you must keep in mind:

  1. Not all apps are created equally. When migrating resource-intensive applications like data analysis apps and image rendering apps, go for re-architecting so that they do not face latency issues.
  2. Some old applications which do not require to be upgraded can be migrated with the lift-and-shift model.

Having a reliable and knowledgeable cloud hosting partner is advisable. There are a lot of companies providing hosting but how to know which one is the best? You can read our blog to know the important things that a good hosting provider must offer. Our experienced professionals are always ready to help you make informed cloud migration decisions.

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