5 Things You Must Know Before QuickBooks Hosting Migration

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Using QuickBooks software in the traditional on-premise environment makes individuals develop a liking for local-hosted access. All they need to do is access their local computer(s) to work on accounting and other business tasks using QuickBooks. However, with QuickBooks hosting emerging as the next big trend in the world of CPAs and accounting firms, switching to cloud hosting is not an overnight process. Therefore, before making the final migration, you want to plan, execute, and test different sides of cloud-backed QB software.

If you consider the idea of QuickBooks hosting migration to join the trend, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you understand the different sides crucial to a successful QuickBooks cloud migration.

1. QuickBooks Hosting Migration Meaning and Importance

QuickBooks hosting migration refers to moving your local-hosted software files and data to a cloud server after selecting a cloud hosting plan. If you have already subscribed to a QB hosting service but want to switch to a better option, this will also be covered in data migration. Given below are some of the typical phases related to data migration:

  • Evaluation of the cloud environment during the free trial
  • Finalization of the cloud provider based on factors like performance, cost, customer support, and industry recognition
  • Migration of QuickBooks data to the cloud server managed and owned by the selected hosting provider
  • Learning phase to adopt the new cloud-hosted QB application

2. Why Should You Go With QuickBooks Hosting Migration?

A few common signs confirm the need to switch to cloud hosting for QuickBooks. These include poor performance of local-hosted software, data security risks, and the high cost of upgrading/maintaining IT infrastructure. However, if you are familiar with these red flags, you should consider QuickBooks hosting migration because of the following benefits:

  • A reliable QB hosting provider can help reduce the upfront investment required for on-premise infrastructure.
  • You will also utilize top-notch security measures and server access control to manage QuickBooks data.
  • QuickBooks hosting migration will also provide business continuity and disaster recovery benefits that aim to prevent disruptions from clouding access and keep it up and running.

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3. How to Double-Check the Service Quality of a QB Hosting Provider?

When handling accounting data, you want the best cloud services to host QB software. Therefore, it is important to assess QuickBooks hosting providers from different angles. For this assessment, look for the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the chosen service provider reputable and has experience in delivering cloud solutions?
  • What is the process to scale the hosting plans up and down as per requirements?
  • How can you access your cloud-hosted QB data?
  • What kind of control can you exercise on the cloud server?
  • Will your licensed QuickBooks software be hosted on a shared or dedicated server?

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  • Server Uptime Guarantee

One of the very reasons why you want to choose QuickBooks hosting migration is the enhanced availability of QB software. Even in the case of cloud computing, a certain percentage of downtime for repair or maintenance reasons exists and is quite apparent. However, you must know how long that downtime will be concerning the cloud hosting provider you have selected. This is where server uptime guarantee comes up as a valuable metric.

It simply refers to the duration the cloud server will be accessible and is expressed in percentage. For example, at Verito Technologies, we provide a 99.995% SLA-backed server uptime guarantee corresponding to 26 minutes of downtime in a year.

  • Overall Cost Involved

Ultimately, the decision to utilize cloud hosting solutions will require you to invest a certain sum in addition to buying the license of QuickBooks software. Since financial implications are involved, you must dig deeper to understand the cost-vs-benefit differences among multiple cloud hosting providers. While it is easy to find cloud solutions, selecting the best one requires understanding the finer aspects that differentiate two QB hosting plans from each other.

You will be better positioned to decide which QB hosting plan fits well into your business budget.

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