Switching to TaxWise Hosting? Select Cloud Service Provider This Way

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For all tax professionals, having the best suite of tax software is crucial for business success. TaxWise software is one such software they rely on to get helped in the tax filing process. The desktop version of TaxWise software is capable of streamlining e-filing and managing client documents digitally. It has its limitations in the current scenario where most businesses are transitioning towards cloud technology. 

The shift of accounting firms from desktop-hosted to cloud-hosted tax software is a significant transition happening in recent times. 

Using TaxWise on your local computer system and wondering if you can pair it up with the cloud technology? Indeed, it is possible when you go with TaxWise hosting services. Hosting TaxWise on the cloud means you can efficiently work on it from wherever you are. 

However, a crucial step towards switching to the cloud for TaxWise software is selecting a reliable cloud solution provider. If you are new to understanding the utility of the cloud, keep in mind the following factors while choosing a TaxWise hosting provider:

1. Cloud Transition Process

This is very important for tax professionals who only experience working on TaxWise’s desktop version. Since they do not know much about switching to the cloud, they are most likely to face troubles in migrating their data and software to a cloud server. 

If you are one such professional, you would want the hired cloud service provider to provide the necessary support in making this transition to the cloud. Hence, you must check for the transition support provided by such service providers before making any final decision. Also, check for the charges that they might ask for additional services, if any. By considering both these aspects, you will get a better idea of choosing such needs.

2. Data Security

For all tax professionals who use TaxWise software like you, the security of TaxWise data is a common concern when switching to the cloud. You want to confirm if their business-related data will stay safe and secure when hosted on a third-party cloud server. Asking about the security aspect is apparent. Any security lag may lead to the loss of data files, which can cause significant harm to your business.

Hence, you should consider various data security features at the time of hiring a cloud service provider. More particularly, you should ask about security measures in place, including enterprise-level firewalls, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, to name a few.

3. Add-on Integration

Many tax professionals prefer integrating various add-ons with TaxWise software to access more features. As a whole, the integration of add-ons helps make filing taxes more efficient for them. You might have heard of third-party add-ons that serve data conversion and time tracking needs. While some cloud solution providers allow integration of a limited number of add-ons, others do not offer this facility. 

Depending on your specific needs, you should ask a service provider explicitly about these benefits. If you are more comfortable working on TaxWise software integrated with several add-ons, its cloud-hosted version should also support your preference.

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4. Disaster Recovery and Backups

For your accounting business, TaxWise data is no less than a treasure that needs top-notch security. However, certain instances like a natural disaster often lead to unexpected data loss. The loss can be huge if the data is only stored in the local systems and nowhere else. With TaxWise hosting backed by cloud technology, you can safeguard the data to a great extent. Still, it would be best if you asked a cloud service provider for data backup provisions in case of an inevitable disaster. 

Reliable cloud solution providers provide disaster recovery facilities that help safeguard your data to keep the business up and running even in extreme situations. It would be best if you also ask about the duration for which you can retrieve lost data. 

At Verito Technologies, we offer 30-days rolling backup to all our clients.

5. SLA-Backed Uptime

SLA or Service Level Agreement refers to the document that defines specific terms and conditions related to a cloud provider’s service standards. Most cloud service providers share an SLA that includes the uptime guarantee you can expect with their services. It also covers the details about how you will be compensated in case the service providers fail to meet the service standards. 

Being a tax professional, you should carefully evaluate the SLA and check for the uptime guarantee before hiring a cloud service provider. In case you do not agree with any of the SLA terms, you can move on to find another cloud provider. 

6. TaxWise Hosting Pricing 

Different tax and accounting firms operate at different scales and have particular expectations from cloud solution providers. Depending on their clientele and operational needs, they look for TaxWise hosting services that fit well into their budget. It is where the pricing of cloud hosting plans matters for them. 

A top-notch cloud solution cannot benefit your business if you are unable to afford it. Hence, you should look for a TaxWise hosting solution provider who offers customizable pricing plans. This way, you can select a pricing plan that strikes a balance between your business needs and budget. 

The decision to select a cloud solution provider is, indeed, a crucial one for a tax professional. So, make sure you choose a service provider after carefully analyzing the related pros and cons. 

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