What Makes UltraTax Hosting a Comprehensive Solution for Tax Professionals?

What Makes UltraTax Hosting a Comprehensive Solution for Tax Professionals? - Verito Technologies

Large accounting firms use UltraTax CS software for a variety of tax-related tasks. Although they use it as a stand-alone application or CS professional suite, the software, as a whole, has been designed to improve tax-filing efficiency. This is one reason why it is instrumental during tax season. Its support for multiple forms and 1040 e-filing and AMT calculations makes it a robust tax application for tax professionals. However, if you want to do more with the licensed version of your UItraTax CS software, there is one thing you should do, which is – transition to UltraTax CS hosting.

What UltraTax CS hosting does is that it renders all the benefits and features of this tax application on the cloud, letting you and your team access it anytime and from anywhere. If remote software accessibility and data security have been a frequent thought in your mind, there are many reasons why you should smartly adopt cloud technology in the form of UltraTax CS hosting.

UltraTax CS Hosting Implies All Its Desktop Features Without Local Installation 

If you are new to understand what UltraTax CS hosting is, let us make it easier for you –

Hosting UltraTax software on cloud means installing it on a third-party cloud server. This is different from the local desktop installation of the software you might have used on a personal computer. In other words, UltraTax CS hosting makes it easier for you to access the software without having to worry about its local installation. There are many sides to look at the advantages of switching to the cloud to host UltraTax CS software.

Firstly, you need not set aside a specific memory in your computer or laptop for software installation. You can access fully-featured, cloud-hosted UltraTax CS using any smart device, be it a laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone. This simplifies many hassles and also helps save some money that would otherwise be spent on software installation.

Secondly, you get to save a lot of time with UltraTax hosting while filing complicated tax returns for your clients. This is something you earnestly look forward to during the tax season when you have more work but less time. 

When you work for various clients, you want to deliver the best output. Having the right array of software and technology is a must for such needs. With UltraTax hosted on the cloud, you can also enjoy the following advantages:

Easy to Interact with Clients on a Cloud Platform

Think about ways you get to interact with clients when you file their tax returns. Most likely, you connect with them over a phone call or share information via email. Depending on the size of the businesses you deal with, maintaining communication with your clients becomes an arduous task. 

If you want a more straightforward solution to stay connected with your clients without facing endless hassles of to and fro emails, UltraTax CS hosting can be of great help. With the data and application kept on a cloud server, you can easily eliminate the accessibility issues, which are quite common in the tax world. Irrespective of where you or your clients are located, you can keep them updated about the tasks at hand or share data via the same cloud platform. With more agility brought into action this way, filing tax returns can become easier for you. 

No Worries About Keeping the Data Secure on the Cloud

Wondering about the data security if your clients could access the tax files over the Internet? Reliable cloud solution providers cater to this aspect very carefully. As a security prospect, you exercise control over the permissions shared with other users to access cloud-hosted data and applications. It means only authorized users can access your cloud server based on the permissions or user roles you have granted. 

Sharing the data with your clients or team members implies assigning them the permissions to work on UltraTax CS hosted on the cloud. This way, you can also prevent possible interference to the confidential data on which the foundations of your business are built. 

With UltraTax hosting services, you will also benefit from the chosen cloud service provider’s data security measures. 

Hardware upgrading is common in tax firms, particularly when you want to benefit from the latest technology in the market. A common question that you might have in mind is:

‘What will be the process to transfer data and applications from one system to another?’

While migrating data, there is a risk of losing a part of it or complete data loss. If there is no way out to recover the lost data, it can cause significant damage to a tax firm and its clients. Instead of local storage and upkeep, you can utilize cloud hosting and avoid various troubles that may result from data migration. 

Since your data and UltraTax CS software are hosted remotely on the cloud, you can access it from the upgraded hardware or system from wherever you are.

Maximum Availability of Cloud-Hosted UltraTax CS

When strict tax filing deadlines are waiting, you would always want uninterrupted access to your data. This is what UltraTax CS hosting delivers to the tax firms. With your UltraTax on the cloud, you can ensure maximum server uptime, depending on the hired cloud hosting provider. 

Higher uptime of around 99.995% ensures that you get unaltered access to the software and tax files for an extended duration. On the flip side, higher server downtime can cause significant problems at work.

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