9 Common FAQs Related to Tax Software Hosting

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Most tax professionals now use advanced software to simplify various tasks that form a part of their daily lives. While they can select from a wide range of software – Drake, Lacerte, UltraTax CS, or TaxWise, the next big thing is about accessing them via a cloud server. It is where tax software hosting plays a vital role.


The fundamentals of tax software hosting are quite straightforward to understand – you choose a cloud solution provider and migrate your tax software on their cloud servers for remote access. 


However, not every tax professional knows about it and thus, has various questions in mind before deciding to switch to cloud-hosted tax software. This blog post will address and answer some of the most common questions people ask about hosting tax software on the cloud.


  • What makes cloud-hosted tax software better than the traditional desktop environment?


When you host/install tax software on a computer system, you can only work on it when you are around that system. Think of office computers with specific programs that you can only run while you are within the office premises. 


On the other hand, Cloud-hosted tax software is different from the desktop environment as you can access it on the go from wherever you want. 


  • Who provides tax software hosting solutions?


Renowned cloud solution providers provide these solutions by allowing their clients to host tax software on their cloud servers. Whether it is a software update, cloud environment maintenance, data migration, or security, they will take care of it all.


You will only need to pay them for these services based on the tax software hosting plan you select. 


  • Why should tax professionals switch to tax software hosting?


By empowering your tax software with cloud hosting, you can make the most of the following advantages:


  • Remote software access
  • Regular data backup
  • Cost savings
  • Third-party add-on integration
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model


  • How does cloud-hosted tax software work?


Tax software works the same in the cloud as in a desktop environment. Neither the software interface nor its features get changed. However, you get the benefit of accessing it from anywhere and at any time. 


Once you have selected a cloud solution service provider, get the licensed software and data migrated to the cloud. Using the access credentials provided by your cloud provider, you can then start working on the software via a web browser.


  • Which tax software can I host on a dedicated cloud server?


Whether you use Drake, Lacerte, UltraTax, ProSystem, or ProSeries, you can host all of them on a dedicated server. However, before you make the final switch, ask your hosting provider about the support available for the particular software you use. 


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  • What determines the pricing of tax software hosting?


The cost of hosting tax software on the cloud depends on several factors, including the tax software you use, the number of users who will access it on the cloud, vRAM (virtual RAM), vCPU, SAN storage, and the cloud hosting provider you use. 


  • How to select a tax software hosting provider?


Ideally, you should check for SLA-backed uptime, customer support availability, security measures, and data center locations at the time of selecting a cloud hosting provider.


  • Do I need a tax software license before hosting it on the cloud?


Getting the license is a crucial step to be followed before hosting it on a cloud server. You need to purchase the license and then ask for the hosting services. 


  • Is my tax software data safe on the cloud?


Tax software hosting providers always ensure that your software and data will be safe. Still, you must ask about the specifics of security measures deployed by the cloud solution provider, like end-to-end encryption, Intrusion Detection, and Protection systems, firewalls, to name a few. 


Final Thoughts


If you had these questions about tax software hosting in your mind, we hope you have got the expected answers. However, if you have any more questions or need help selecting the right hosting plan, call us at 1-855-583-7486.

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