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TaxAct Premier

In the arsenal of downloadable TaxAct software products, there is TaxAct Premier next to TaxAct Basic and TaxAct Deluxe. However, selecting the right tax software is half the battle won. If you have zeroed in on TaxAct software, you must know about all its variants. This blog post will cover TaxAct Premier in detail to help you understand if it fits well with your business needs.

Why Use TaxAct Premier?

Handling tax returns becomes quite challenging when considering your investments, secondary income from rental properties, or having foreign bank accounts. You can simplify preparing such complex tax returns by using TaxAct Premier software. It will help you with the ease of tax preparation and filing and benefit you with maximum tax advantages.

As a TaxAct Premier software user, you should also know that you can switch to TaxAct software hosting to benefit from accessing it in a cloud-backed environment.

Benefits of TaxAct Premier

  • Multiple import options

Like TaxAct Basic and TaxAct Deluxe, you can use TaxAct Premier to transfer crucial personal data from last year’s tax return you filed. You can also import stocks, charitable donations, and W-2s to minimize possible errors in doing the same manually.

  • All forms and features for the maximum refund

Another significant benefit of using TaxAct Premier software is the added all-inclusive list of forms and features to help you get a maximum guaranteed refund. In other words, this software will help you maximize deductions while also minimizing your tax liability.

  • Save tax with donations

TaxAct Premier’s Donation Assistant feature has been designed to track the charitable donations you made. It also provides you with audit-backed values to ensure maximum tax deduction while filing the tax return.

  • TaxAct Alerts to lower the audit risk.

Errors and omissions in your tax returns can increase the chance of an audit, which can be eliminated with the help of TaxAct software. It will inspect the return you submit for errors and omissions, if any, thereby reducing the risk of audit. If you have missed an opportunity to save tax, it will also bring that forward.

  • Free amended tax returns

TaxAct software is the perfect solution for situations where you need to amend the IRS returns. Using this software, you can easily file Form 1040X whenever needed without paying any additional amount for software upgrades.

  • Guidance for maximum refund

TaxAct Premier also has the in-built guide feature to assist you in preparing 100% accurate tax returns and ensures that you will get the maximum refund.

Pricing of TaxAct Premier

TaxAct Premier downloadable version is priced at $129 (apx), including one free state return. For more state returns, you need to pay $50 each.

Federal Tax Forms and Schedules Supported by TaxAct Premier

TaxAct Premier supports tax forms (federal) and schedules covered by TaxAct Basic and TaxAct Deluxe. In addition, it also covers the following:

  • Form 4797
  • Form 8949
  • Form 4506
  • Schedule D
  • Schedule E
  • Form 8821
  • Form 8857
  • Form 8967
  • Form 8878
  • Form 8879
  • Form 8948
  • Form 8944
  • Form 9325
  • Schedule C
  • Schedule F

Note: The information related to the pricing and supported Forms & Schedules are obtained from TaxAct official website.

Host TaxAct Premier on Cloud to Get Remote Accessibility

Once you have decided on selecting TaxAct Premier for your needs, you also need to switch to a cloud-based environment that can enable remote software accessibility. Select Verito as your tax software hosting partner. We will help you set up the software on the cloud and ensure 99.995% uptime so that you face no hindrance while filing tax returns.

Give us a call at 1-855-583-7486.

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