All About QuickBooks Hosting Reviews 2022

QuickBooks Hosting Review 2022

Hosting accounting software on cloud servers does benefit CPA firms in the long run. But before accounting professionals could jump to making the switch to cloud technology, there is one thing they look for – QuickBooks hosting reviews.

For most individuals using QuickBooks desktop products, a common concern is:

‘Will QuickBooks hosting be beneficial for our business in the long term?’

The truth is that QuickBooks hosting is highly advantageous for businesses looking forward to benefiting from cloud computing. It empowers them with the flexibility that local-hosted QuickBooks software cannot provide – remote accessibility.

Since there are several QuickBooks hosting providers you can connect with, looking at QuickBooks hosting reviews will help you know more about the results you can expect. You can then hire a renowned service provider that matches your business needs.

Also, it is essential to check for QuickBooks hosting reviews on trustworthy, reliable sources of information. Here, we will cover a detailed QuickBooks hosting review regarding its advantages for your business.

QuickBooks Hosting Review – Why Does It Matter?

  • Software Access Beyond Local Computers

In the absence of cloud technology, accounting software usage depended mainly on the local computer’s configuration. You could only work on the software when you are near the system it has been installed in. It can be the reason why Intuit initially came up with a series of QuickBooks Desktop products before QuickBooks Online.

Switching to QuickBooks hosting allows you and your team to work in real-time on the same software or data files. This multi-user feature backed by cloud technology gives the independence to work from anywhere and use any Internet-connected device.

In the rapidly-evolving technological sphere, limiting yourself to use QuickBooks desktop products only is like staying behind the competition deliberately. Hence, it’s time to hire a QuickBooks hosting provider.

  • Maximum Technical Computing Resources Available in a Few Clicks

The most fundamental QuickBooks hosting definition explains it as the process of installing your licensed QuickBooks desktop product on a cloud server managed by an authorized hosting provider. The data and QB files stored in the cloud environment are accessible from anywhere provided you are authorized. 

This is different from using software installed on a local computer. Firstly, if the system configuration cannot accommodate the software requirements, it won’t work well and require additional investment for configuration enhancement. Secondly, the locally-stored data is easily accessible to unauthorized users, leading to data theft or loss.

Both these aspects are covered in QuickBooks hosting services which combine the power of QB with cloud technology.

  • Understanding Clients’ Experience to Make the Decision

While deciding to look at QuickBooks hosting reviews, you would like to know the experience of other clients who have already hosted their QuickBooks on the cloud. This will also help you check the service quality of cloud hosting providers before hiring any of them.

This can be done by checking out the reviews and testimonials on well-known third-party review sites or the official websites of chosen cloud service providers. You can also ask your peers for recommendations of renowned QuickBooks hosting providers and ask about the benefits they have availed.

  • SLA-backed Server Uptime for Continued Hosting Services

Let’s consider a simple example of a local system crash, after which you cannot use the installed software until the issue is resolved. Depending on the hardware or software glitch, it can take a long time to get the system on track and ready to use. If your accounting business depends on system accessibility, such a situation can result in significant delays or financial losses.

Most QuickBooks hosting providers address this possibility with the help of SLA-backed server uptime. When you select a service provider who ensures a high uptime, you can avoid facing server outages. The servers are configured so that if one goes down, another one takes its place to ensure continued cloud access. 

Hiring a cloud service provider offering a guaranteed uptime of at least 99.995% is highly recommended. The following table clarifies this recommendation in detail:

Uptime Corresponding downtime in a year (apx.)
90% 36 days
99% 4 days
99.9% 9 hours
99.99% 53 minutes
99.995% 27 minutes

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Competitive QuickBooks Hosting Prices

Another crucial aspect that most CPA firms consider while checking QuickBooks hosting reviews is the hosting price. Although pricing is not the only factor you should consider while hiring a cloud service provider, you cannot eliminate it.

A better way to look at the cloud hosting plans is to check the computing resources, the number of authorized users, supported applications, and storage capacity given with different plans. You can then decide on the right hosting plan based on your needs.

For instance, if you are a solo practitioner using QuickBooks software, you need not pick costlier hosting plans for mid-sized or large CPA firms.

Benefits of Selecting Verito Technologies for QuickBooks Hosting

  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • 99.995% server uptime
  • Cloud services backed by High-Performance Servers
  • 30-days rolling backup
  • QuickBooks integration with add-ons supported

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