Time Management In Today’s Time

Why Manage Time?

Time is the only thing that everybody, be it an employee or a businessman, has in equal proportions. It’s the time management that eventually decides how efficient a person is and how much work can a person complete in a given day subsequently deciding his/her growth in any given profession.

It’s not about how many different things you can do; it’s about doing things differently. This is where time management comes into play which ultimately becomes the major difference being a loser or a winner.

 How to Manage Time

We are generally consumed with multiple pending tasks that are to be completed on a given day. There are few tips that can help you be ahead of time.

Prioritize with Timeline

Make a To-Do list of things you want to do on a given day at the beginning of the day itself. Then prioritize tasks according to the need or the kind of result they are going to produce. Give a realistic deadline for completing the task and then go ahead with the schedule. Half of the planning is done if you prioritize tasks effectively.

 Avoid Distractions

Keep off any distractions; be it your cell phone, television, or company of some people that can make you lose your focus. It’s very easy to be distracted for a few minutes; but when these few minutes become an hour, you would never know.



It’s a beautiful concept that can be used for managing time in a complex project assigned to a team. Divide the project into smaller tasks and assign it to the ones whom you deem ideal fit. This way, you can run multiple tasks in parallel; and as you direct the whole project, you can leverage hundreds of working man-hours for yourself milking greater output from those man-hours instead of yours lone 24 hours.

 Always Keep Plan ‘B’ Ready

No matter how much planning you have done, you never know what might pop up at the very last moment. So, always have an alternate plan ready; and make your schedule a little flexible so if you are not able to do a particular thing on a fixed schedule, you can jump up to doing another task. This way you can save a lot of time which you would have spent thinking about an alternate plan or you would have just wasted it sitting idle.

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