VMware Carbon Black as a Part of Managed Security Services: Benefits & More

VMware Carbon Black for Managed Security

The evolution of the digital ecosystem has made it imperative for businesses to improve their processes, expand their reach, and ensure a delightful customer experience. Since all this is impossible without tech and IT involvement, every business is more or less an IT business. It requires finding the best software, setting up the required systems, and tracking the results. While doing so, there is a dire need to manage the overall IT infrastructure, particularly regarding the increasing risk of cyber attacks.

This is where managed security services come into the picture. Instead of hiring IT professionals in-house, you can hire a managed IT service provider to outsource their IT security needs. Indeed, as a business owner, you expect these service providers to help IT departments and manage the break-fix cycles, thus better securing your enterprise. However, have you ever wondered how they do that?

Verito Technologies takes pride in its robust managed security solutions based on VMware Carbon Black software.

This post will cover different aspects of VMware Carbon Black software that Fortune 100 Companies use for enterprise security.

More About VMware Carbon Black

VMware Carbon Black is a comprehensive security software that combines next-gen antiviruses with EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) for holistic protection against cyberattacks. These benefits come under the VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint platform that helps manage an unlimited number of endpoints through a unified interface, hence delivering endpoint security at scale.

The foundational product suite for endpoint security is officially termed VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard. At the same time, the original version of Carbon Black was first launched in 2002 as an endpoint security platform for desktops and servers. The flexibility and power of this suite make it suitable for businesses of any size.

Understanding How VMware Carbon Black Helps with Audit and Remediation

In relation to VMware Carbon Black Cloud, audit and remediation is a security operation that is conducted in real-time to check all endpoints related to an organization and remediate issues immediately if found. It follows a proactive threat-hunting approach based on forensic investigation and data points and involves precise action. 

Audit and remediation include two key functionalities:

  • Live Query

The pre-built recommended query catalog provides a way to question various endpoints in real-time. Besides this, it has an SQL builder to get granular in terms of their queries.

  • Live Response

This is meant to provide a secure remote shell to administrators into any endpoint under protection.

Benefits of Audit and Remediation as a Part of Managed Security Services

  • Reduced time to value

Using VMware Carbon Black, it is possible to keep the operations on always and protected. One can query the entire fleet of endpoints and get the results in around five minutes. The query can be continued for a week for offline devices to ensure a complete endpoint audit.

  • Drift reporting

It also helps in scheduling weekly, daily, or monthly queries for baseline assessment.

How Does VMware Carbon Black Help with Vulnerability Management?

Another benefit of VMware Carbon Black being deployed to provide Verito’s managed security solutions is its MDR security. Here, MDR stands for Managed Detection and Response, which works on providing insights related to threats and vulnerabilities. Using the MDR solution, we provide information about possible attacks and prioritize alerts to uncover new threats. The rapid response supported by threat containment efforts helps deal with potential threats.

Some of its other benefits include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Timely reporting to share insights about threats
  • Accessible overview of the security trends
  • Reduced alert fatigue

Use Cases of Vulnerability Management Backed by VMware Carbon Black 

  • Round-the-clock monitoring

MDR security also ensures glass visibility around the threat environment. The alerts generated are highly actionable and help reduce alert fatigue to mitigate threats.

  • Detailed email communication around threats

We will help you with detailed email communication about the threats and ways to remediate them regarding policy changes. This is how your leadership can make data-driven decisions to improve the security policy.

  • Response Guidance

MDR analysts supported by VMware Carbon Black guide how to respond to or remediate different incidents. Clear communication here helps in delivering prompt assistance for stressful security incidents.

Benefit from the Power of VMware Carbon Black with Our Managed Security Services

You want the best-in-class managed security solutions. We utilize the power of the best software for endpoint security. So let’s join hands to work together and benefit your business with efficient, proactive security solutions.

To discuss your requirements with our security experts, call us at 1-855-583-7486.

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