Why Should You Host Accounting Software On Cloud In Tax Season 2022?

Accounting Software On The Cloud for Tax Season 2022

The tax season of 2022 is around the corner, bringing business opportunities for CPAs, accounting firms, and SMBs. While most of them use accounting software to simplify various tasks at work, they lack the power of cloud technology. In addition, with remote work becoming a new normal, many organizations have shifted to the hybrid model of working from both offices and homes. 

If you want to benefit from backing the accounting software of your choice with the power of cloud technology, accounting software hosting is a must for the tax season of 2022. Hosting this software on the cloud will help you realize the full potential and grow your business.

Cloud hosting boosts the in-built functionalities of your desktop accounting software, thus allowing you to improve productivity at work. 

Here are a few reasons why you should host accounting software on the cloud to stay prepared for tax season 2022:

  • Remote Accessibility

The most common disadvantage of using accounting software in a local-hosted environment is the lack of remote access. You cannot access the software unless you are in the office where the desktop computer on which the software is installed lies. While the restrictions related to the pandemic have been relaxed in most parts of the world, adopting a solution that allows remote software access is a must for tax season 2022.

With accounting software hosting, you can access cloud-hosted software from anywhere in the world. You need not limit yourself to staying in the office to get things done. In technical terms, cloud hosting also makes your software device-agnostic or machine-independent. You can work on it from any Internet-connected device being an authorized user.

If the limited working hours had been the reason behind the lack of growth during the last tax season, now is the time for you to switch to cloud hosting solutions. 

  • Enhanced Productivity

Working from home does have an impact on the overall work productivity. As per a recent study, employees who work remotely are 13% more productive than those who do not. Therefore, if you are expecting a sudden increase in the workload during tax season 2022, you cannot think of leaving any method following which you can work and earn more.

The simplest way to let yourself and your employees work remotely is to switch to cloud-based accounting with the help of accounting software hosting solutions. The anytime-anywhere access of cloud-hosted software will help you grow your business and achieve various financial goals in the upcoming tax season.

  • Higher Server Uptime

When working with strict deadlines to prepare and file returns, system downtime is the last thing you would want to happen. Unfortunately, when you work on desktop accounting software traditionally in a local setup, the risk of downtime is high. The resulting delay can also cause loss of business opportunities and reputation.

A reputable cloud hosting provider can help you overcome this challenge by providing an SLA-backed server uptime guarantee. In general, 99.99% uptime availability also implies downtime of just a few minutes in a year.

Enjoy 99.995% uptime guarantee with Verito Technologies for tax season 2022 and beyond. Start with our basic hosting plan today!

  • Hi-tech Security

The security of sensitive financial information is crucial for every business, particularly accountants. Unfortunately, when configured locally, the local IT infrastructure may lack the required strength to prevent cyberattacks. This lack of concrete security measures can make you lose access to business-critical data.

Hosting your accounting software in a cloud environment makes you benefit from the latest security measures. Renowned cloud hosting providers invest in measures like multi-factor authentication, firewalls, anti-malware, and many others to strengthen the security of their client’s data and applications. Whether you have previously experienced the loss of data due to cyber-attacks or not, you cannot undermine the possible impact on your business. It is where switching to cloud hosting can be of great help.

  • Data Backups

When you use locally-installed accounting software, you can store the data files in the local storage only. Losing these files due to human-made errors and environmental factors can be troublesome for your business and can harm your business.

However, you can stop worrying about such issues after switching to accounting software hosting. Renowned cloud hosting providers provide regular data backups on multiple data centers that can help minimize the possible damage in case of data loss.

Plan for the Tax Season 2022 with Verito’s Cloud Solutions

With the IRS encouraging taxpayers to get ready for the upcoming tax season, cloud hosting for your accounting software can stand out as a better alternative to using the same on a local computer. Cloud hosting also utilizes HPC servers to help process more tax files in less time during tax season 2022.

Want to try our cloud hosting solutions? Start with our free trial today. Contact us at 1-855-583-7486.

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