Why Should CPA Firms Switch to Cloud Hosting Solutions?

Why Should CPA Firms Switch to Cloud Hosting Solutions?
Why Should CPA Firms Switch to Cloud Hosting Solutions?

The pace of change happening in the IT world is unprecedented. Whether it is a small accounting firm or a large, multinational one, there has been a constant struggle to use and maintain the best-in-class IT infrastructure. Whether it is installing the latest version of accounting software, dealing with data privacy regulations, or handling dynamic security threats, many tasks need expert intervention. 

There are two ways to deal with such needs for most cases – either hire IT experts for your accounting firm or connect with a cloud accounting hosting provider. Each of these ways has its pros and cons, but we will focus on the latter, i.e., the need for a cloud solution provider. 

While there are several facets to consider to justify cloud hosting benefits, let’s begin with IT security.

Reason 1: Enhanced Security Benefits

Even the biggest accounting firms struggle to deal with evolving security threats. Although they invest in a wide variety of resources to maintain IT security, it all seems less than required when the measures get hacked. 

On the other hand, some small CPA firms think cyber threats or hackers will not target them, which is not valid. 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report by Verizon says 58% of malware attacks target small businesses. These attacks have increased considerably in recent years. 

Enhanced security is one of the many benefits of hiring a cloud hosting provider, irrespective of whether you run a small, medium, or large accounting firm. Cloud-enabled security implies you will have a team of security experts watching over the network round the clock. Security threats evolve rapidly, requiring more advanced expertise than relying on manual security measures. 

An expert cloud hosting provider will improve the data security levels while also reducing the load on your IT team. Your CPA firm will get 24×7 network monitoring backed by the latest security measures along with disaster response assistance. These are a few hallmarks of a reliable cloud service provider.

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Reason 2: Highly Productive CPA Team

While leading an accounting firm, you might have thought of building a work environment that enables staff to work no matter where they are. In other words, you look for the benefits of telecommuting, which is even more necessary in these pandemic times. With the help of cloud hosting, you can build a robust telecommuting workplace that enables your staff to work securely at any time. 

Take the case of weather-related disruptions that prevent you from opening your office for work. With cloud hosting services by your side, you can easily overcome such workflow disruptions. Cloud technology is a great tool that not only reduces downtime but also makes your CPAs more productive. 

By delegating the cloud hosting needs to a trusted service provider, you open up ways for a whole new world of productivity for your firm. Outsourcing accounting software hosting to an industry expert frees your team to focus on the core tasks whenever they want.

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Reason 3: Satisfied Clients

For accounting professionals to do their job well, they need to stay in touch with the clients to receive complete information. A significant bottleneck that many CPA firms face is the lack of an organized process to obtain the client’s data and share accounting files back to the clients.

Look deeper into how things work at your CPA firm, and you will realize this bottleneck. Check the client input process, see if it involves paper-based information sharing or a mix of hard and soft copies, and look for why information gets lost in some cases. 

The ultimate result that you would want for the growth of your CPA firm is client satisfaction. Cloud hosting services can help you achieve that. Cloud service providers can help streamline the process and facilitate anytime-anywhere access to the data saved on the cloud. You can also ensure data security by providing authorized access to your team and clients’ cloud-hosted data and applications. 

All this eliminates several pain points for your clients, making them happier with your accounting services. 

Reason 4: Manageable Business Growth

If you look at the benefits of transitioning to cloud hosting in a row, these include – higher efficiency, enhanced productivity, improved data security, and happier clients. In other words, it also means higher ROI, more profits, and business growth. 

Your CPA firm can undoubtedly grow with the benefits of hiring a cloud hosting provider. However, another thing that is important in this aspect is to manage the growth well. If your firm has been reliant on manual processes, human security monitoring, and an office-limited work environment, you also need to tackle the impact of switching to the cloud. 

It is where you need to focus on selecting a trustworthy cloud hosting partner who can understand and manage the dynamics of your current IT ecosystem. Integrating software add-ons and new applications and increasing data storage limits becomes much easier with a cloud service provider who knows the industry inside. 

From Where Should You Begin?

Finding the right cloud hosting provider becomes easier when you know your firm’s strengths and weaknesses. It would be best if you were prepared to ask the right questions when hiring a service provider. A clear understanding of your needs and expectations helps weed out mismatches, leading you to a service partner you can rely upon. 

For your cloud hosting needs, call Verito Technologies at 1-855-583-7486. 

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