How Does Cloud Hosting Play a Principal Role in Security for an Accounting Software?

How Does Cloud Hosting Play a Principal Role in Security for an Accounting Software - Verito Technologies

Since the beginning of 2020, the world has witnessed several unprecedented events. There is a Covid-19 pandemic, while there are rising cyberattacks on the other side. Cyber threats seemed to have exploded in 2020, with web application breaches accounting for 43% of the total breaches. This has led many professionals in the accounting industry to think of Covid-19 as the biggest-ever security threat. 

The security of accounting data and applications has become a significant concern for many. Cloud hosting comes up as a solution to keep accounting software safe in these challenging times. Cloud-hosted accounting applications have dramatically helped businesses to become more efficient. This alternative is much better than installing them on a local system which can weaken the security framework of your business. 

Hosting the desktop versions of popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage, etc., strengthens security control. If you are concerned about Sage or QuickBooks security, here’s how cloud hosting can help you set the defense mechanism against cyber threats:

  • Highly Secure Cloud Access

In the Internet world, we have the privilege to do multiple things online. Whether it is related to work or personal, the Internet has made it easier to do almost everything. However, it has also increased the risk of cyberattacks. Many hackers are keen on targeting the accounting data of different organizations for illegal activities. It is where the need for a wall of data security is needed. 

Accounting software on the cloud helps create that wall by encrypting the data with 256-bit bank-grade encryption. This means any login to the cloud server must undergo authentication tests to access the data, ensuring the required protection.

  • Multiple Compliance Cohesion

For different industries, different regulatory bodies formulate compliance and regulatory standards. You might have heard of compliances like PCI-DSS, ISO, HIPAA, and others. Being compliant with these standards requires a lot of effort from an organization. The task is even more challenging for accounting firms that handle data of various clients. 

When you hire a reputable cloud service provider for accounting software hosting, the company provides services by strictly adhering to multiple industry standards. By switching to the cloud-hosted accounting software, you will work in an environment much better protected than the local setup.

  • Restricted Access Control

It is comparatively easier to access confidential data of any accounting firm in a local-hosted environment than the cloud. Once an unauthorized user gets access to the system, he can retrieve almost anything, harming the organization. Such circumstances call for fail-safe measures that limit administrative control over the data. 

By moving your accounting software to the cloud, you can prevent illicit access to the applications and segregate data visibility as per user roles. In cloud hosting, your data is stored on remote servers protected by firewalls and other security measures. All of this is maintained and taken care of by the cloud solution provider you choose. 

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  • Business Continuity 

Using accounting software traditionally in a local setup often makes it difficult to ensure data safety. Local-hosted data is hardware-dependent, making it highly vulnerable in case the device gets damaged. This is one reason why accounting professionals look forward to ensuring continued data availability. 

With cloud hosting, you can expect a comprehensive solution for data-backups and guaranteed business continuity. Since the software is hosted on the cloud, you do not need any specific device to work on it. Also, renowned cloud hosting providers take regular data backups on multiple servers strategically, ensuring continuity to your business operations. 

Parting thoughts

Ensuring data security is critical in the current turbulent times. Any unexpected security breach can cause significant damage to your reputation and result in financial losses. A simple way to be on the safer side is to switch to cloud hosting and get all its data security benefits. 

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