5 Features to Look for In A TaxWise Cloud Hosting Provider

5 Features to Look for In A TaxWise Cloud Hosting Provider - Verito Technologies

When it is about selecting one of the best tax preparation software, professionals rely on TaxWise. Being a renowned tax software offered by Wolters Kluwer, it helps prepare and file U.S. tax returns faster. The best part – you can select a suitable package as per your business needs. But with the latest advancements in technology backed by the global pandemic, most tax professionals are transitioning from using desktop-based software to cloud-hosted alternatives. The same holds for TaxWise software. 

If you have been using local-hosted TaxWise software, you might have become familiar with this work mode. However, switching to TaxWise cloud hosting calls for the need to understand the benefits of cloud computing for your business. It is where finding the right TaxWise cloud hosting provider is essential. 

Like the research you carried out before buying TaxWise software, you must dig deeper to know how to select a cloud hosting provider for this software. However, finding the right one won’t be a challenge, provided you know what you are looking for. 

If you have analyzed the advantages of hosting TaxWise software on a cloud server, keep the following service features in mind while selecting TaxWise cloud hosting provider:

1. Cloud Transition Process

Being a newbie to using cloud-hosted software, you might not know how to set up and migrate the existing data. This lack of knowledge may cause troubles, making you feel the need for assistance from experts. Hence, you should ask about the transition/migration support or process cloud service providers follow before hiring them. 

Ideally, the cloud provider should offer a smooth transition with the software setup and migration services without any additional cost. The easier the process is, the better it will be for you to continue working on the software without facing any significant server downtime

2. SLA-Backed Services

Service Level Agreement, commonly known as SLA, is a legal document that defines the terms and conditions of the services offered by the chosen cloud provider. Service providers define the standard that they must maintain and how they will compensate their clients in case of failure to abide by the terms. Most cloud service providers offer an SLA-backed uptime guarantee and various other benefits. 

As a tax professional, you need to understand the terms defined in the SLA before selecting any TaxWise cloud hosting provider. 

3. Availability of Different Cloud Hosting Plans

The scale of services provided by tax professionals can be different, depending on their experience in the industry. Since a cloud hosting plan is based on the defined computing resources made available to you, you must know if it best suits your requirements. For example, TaxWise hosting plans for a solo user will be different from those meant for a team of individuals. 

In general, you should select a cloud provider that offers a range of hosting plans, along with the facility to customize the plan as needed. 

4. Data Backup Facility

When you use desktop-hosted TaxWise software, you want to ensure the data is safe and secure by taking regular backups. In addition, while moving the software to the cloud, you need to know if the cloud service provider you are hiring also provides backup services. 

Select a TaxWise cloud hosting provider that offers a rolling backup of 15 days at least so that you can retrieve the data in case of any contingency. 

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5. Seamless Integration with Other Add-Ons/Apps

Although TaxWise software has a wide range of features, professionals often use additional applications/add-ons to make the tax preparation process simpler and more efficient. Therefore, before you hire any cloud solution provider, you should ask if there is a provision of add-on integration with the cloud-hosted TaxWise software. Also, check if there is any limit to the number of add-ons you can integrate with the software. 

The decision to select a TaxWise cloud hosting provider is a significant one. However, as a tax professional, you must have certain expectations regarding service quality and benefits. Hence, it is advisable not to make this decision quickly but after doing the required research. 

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