How to Host UltraTax CS Software on the Cloud?

UltraTax CS Cloud Hosting

UltraTax CS software, a part of the CS Professional Suite by Thomson Reuters, is known for its advanced features meant for large firms. You can automate tax-preparation tasks to save time and focus more on business growth using the software. In addition, its high online rating in the annual tax software reviews makes it popular amongst tax professionals. Whether it is multiple monitor support, quick prep checklist, or multi-state tax processing, UltraTax CS software leads the charts.

However, there is something that many professionals ask about this software – how to host Ultratax CS software.

The main reason behind this confusion is the availability of multiple hosting options for UltraTax CS software. For example, you can opt for virtual office CS, SaaS for CS Professional Suite, or UltraTax CS cloud hosting.

This blog post will cover the last option of hosting UltraTax CS on the cloud in detail.

Why Should You Go With UltraTax CS Cloud Hosting?

In simple words, UltraTax CS cloud hosting means accessing all the software features without installing it on your local computer/laptop. If you face performance lag and issues related to lack of memory with your computer system, this will be highly advantageous for you. You need not keep a specific system memory unused for software installation while it is hosted on a third-party cloud server.

Post-migration to the cloud environment, you can access UltraTax CS via any Internet-connected device using your authorized credentials. This will help you avoid various access-related hassles along with cost savings. Some other benefits of UltraTax CS cloud hosting include:

  • Easy interaction with your clients over cloud-hosted data files
  • Top-notch security of software and tax data without worrying about the cost involved
  • Ease of switching to the cloud environment
  • SLA-backed server uptime, as high as 99.995%

Checklist You Should Follow Before Switching to UltraTax CS Cloud Hosting

  • Assess Your Needs

In any sphere of a product purchase, whether personal or business-related, you need to think about why you need what you need before you buy anything. The same holds when you plan to switch from a local-hosted environment to a cloud-hosted environment to access tax software.

For example, you feel the tax professionals in your team have to spend a lot of time editing the same tax files after several iterations. Here, the need is to get a solution that can help real-time collaboration between team members to end the to-and-fro sharing of tax data.

Make a list of such needs to be better positioned to make the transition to cloud hosting.

  • Gain knowledge about the benefits of cloud technology

Once you have a good idea of your business needs, the next step is to understand the overall benefits of cloud hosting for UltraTax CS software. Start with knowing how UltraTax CS cloud hosting can help save time and money by eliminating redundant tax preparation and filing tasks. 

Similarly, the cloud hosting plan you select for this software can be easily upgraded or downgraded if the need arises. This way, you need not worry about managing funds to upgrade the IT infrastructure, as in the case of the local IT setup. 

All this information will help you find the right hosting plan at the best price.

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  • Search for the available cloud hosting providers in the market

By this step, you now know about your business needs and how cloud hosting can benefit you in the long run. Now is the time to look for reliable cloud solution providers in the market who offer UltraTax CS cloud hosting solutions. 

This can be done by searching for their official websites online and checking various review sites to confirm their market presence. Then, make a list of available cloud solution providers near you and include their specific service qualities in it.

  • Ask for peer recommendations

You might have acquaintance with various tax professionals and other tax firms near you who can help finalize the decision to select a cloud provider. Their previous experience dealing with such a solution can help you highlight the entries in the list you have made or remove an entry because of bad reviews.

Your peers can also help you in referring their UltraTax CS cloud hosting provider to you because of their previous experience and service quality received. It all will make things easier for you.

The bottom line

As detailed above, UltraTax CS cloud hosting will benefit your business in several ways. With the help of this checklist, you can easily migrate to a cloud-hosted UltraTax software in the proper form.

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