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QuickBooks Pro 2020 vs. 2019 vs. 2018 - Verito Technologies

QuickBooks is a widely known accounting software used by businesses of all sizes. To meet the specific needs of various industries, Intuit created multiple versions of their flagship software QuickBooks, one of which is QuickBooks Pro. It is beneficial for inventory tracking, sales tax tracking, invoicing, and many other business needs.


As a QuickBooks user, you should also know that the software maker Intuit keeps updating different versions of this software over the years to fix issues and enhance user experience. As a result, QuickBooks Pro, mainly, has been updated with new features in the last few years. 


This blog post will cover the latest software updates related to QuickBooks Pro 2020 compared to its predecessors – 2019 and 2018 editions.


QuickBooks Pro Features Comparison Table


QuickBooks Pro Features 2018 2019 2020
Business performance analysis on a cash basis  Yes Yes Yes
Delivering payroll tax timely with on-screen reminders available with enhanced payroll subscription Yes Yes Yes
Searchable chart of accounts to save time Yes Yes Yes
QuickBooks software access on multiple devices (supports up to 3 monitors; not available in hosted environment) Yes Yes Yes
Easy to upgrade and transfer QB files to a new device Yes Yes
Quick and easy file size reduction without deleting any data Yes Yes
Pending vendor payments tracking Yes Yes
Customer credits transfer across jobs Yes Yes
Real-time invoice status view Yes Yes
New Features in QuickBooks Pro 2020 
Automatic payment reminders Yes
Easy to add customer PO numbers Yes
Multiple invoice consolidation in one email Yes
Smart Help Feature Yes
Column collapsing to get a better view of customer totals in report Yes
Easy to find and access company files Yes
Easy payroll setup  Yes


Latest Features of QuickBooks Pro 2020 in Detail


Automatic Payment Reminders


Asking your clients to clear the invoices on time is indeed a big challenge for many businesses. With this feature of QuickBooks Pro 2020, you can ensure you get paid timely every month. It helps you set email reminders and send them to your clients before the time to pay the invoice comes. 


Easy to Add Customer PO Numbers


This has now become an exclusive feature that is available with all the versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2020. It allows you to include the field of Customer PO Number in the subject of the email while you edit the invoice email template. You can then track the customer information efficiently. 


Multiple Invoice Consolidation in One Email


While using the earlier versions of QuickBooks Pro, the users need to send different invoices to a customer through multiple emails. However, with QuickBooks Pro 2020, you get the option to combine forms to a recipient in an email to further simplify payment processing by just checking a box.


Smart Help Feature


This new feature in QuickBooks Pro has been designed to enhance the search experience in terms of task-relevant content. You can use the F1 key within QuickBooks to access this feature and get live customer support via messaging and call-back options. 


Column Collapse Feature


With the 2020 update of QuickBooks Pro, it gets a new feature of Column Collapse, using which you can hide unnecessary columns while assessing the reports. Now, when you run a report, you can view the sums of data without the need to scroll through detailed reports.


Accessible Company Files


QuickBooks Pro 2020 update has made it possible for you to find, open, and access various company files using a file search option in the No Company Open window. In addition, you can do this across multiple connected storage devices. 


Easy Payroll Setup


This feature allows you to invite your employees to enter their personal information securely, which ultimately results in a more straightforward guided payroll experience. Only QuickBooks 2020 subscribers will get access to this feature first.


Why Host QuickBooks Pro on the Cloud?


Knowing about the latest features of QuickBooks Pro 2020 can help you manage various business processes in a better way. However, if you want to benefit from using QuickBooks in a remote environment, switch to QuickBooks Pro Hosting


QuickBooks Pro hosting refers to the process of installing a licensed QuickBooks Pro desktop software on a cloud server with the help of a cloud hosting provider. It enables you to work on this software anywhere via Internet-connected devices and in a more secure cloud environment.


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