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All About Sage 100 ERP - Verito Technologies

Business accounting and management processes have changed considerably over the last few decades. While it had once involved manual accounting tasks and bookkeeping, you can easily find software available in the market serving as a helping hand for both CPAs and accounting firms. 

Being a renowned name in the accounting software industry, Sage software is suitable for different types of businesses. However, since it is available in different versions, you must know about their respective features to better understand which one fits your business.

In this blog post, we will cover Sage 100 ERP in detail, thus helping you in improving business efficiency.

What is Sage 100 ERP?

Sage 100 ERP can be considered the next-level version of Sage 50 accounting software. It is a fully-featured ERP solution that has been designed to cover Project Management, HR management, Sales, and various other business-related functions. Unlike Sage 50, for which you may require add-ons to support advanced functionalities, Sage 100 ERP is an all-inclusive software solution.

Sage 100 was initially known as MAS 90 after Sage acquired MAS 90 in 1998. Over time, the features and functionality of this software keep on evolving. For example, Sage redefined the user interface of Sage 100 to make it more modern and easy to use. It is a part of the Sage 100 product line, including Sage 100 Contractor. 

Features of Sage 100 ERP

  • Best Suited for Security and Compliance

Sage 100 software has been built by keeping in mind the security and compliance requirements of different enterprises. You can also benefit from its deep customization to fulfill your business needs.

  • Comprehensive audit tracking

If you think your business is at a high risk of fraud, you can switch to Sage 100 ERP and benefit from its granular security features. It also gives you the tools needed to comply with changing requirements and legislation in your industry.

  • Automatic bank feeds and reconciliation

Sage 100 ERP can make it easier to perform accurate periodic bank reconciliations. It has been designed to automatically detect unrecorded errors, transactions, and differences. Using this advanced ERP software, you can also keep track of the audit histories, tax codes, and government reporting.

  • Sage Data & Analytics

Also known as SD&A, Sage Data and Analytics is a powerful Business Intelligence toolkit for financial and operational reporting. It can be integrated with Sage 100 to help you drive increased revenues and cost savings.

  • Sage Partner Cloud

You can also go with Sage Partner Cloud to deploy your licensed Sage 100 ERP solution in the cloud with Microsoft Azure or cloud accredited by Sage.

  • 24×7 Access to Support

With Sage 100 ERP, you also get round-the-clock access to product documentation and support articles available in the Sage knowledge base.

  • Multiple Third-Party Integrations Supported

Third-party integrations with an ERP solution are meant to enhance its capabilities further. The same is possible with Sage 100, which supports integrations with Avalara, Altec Doclink, Sage AP Automation, and many other solutions. 

Which Types of Businesses Use Sage 100?

Most startups and small businesses can use Sage 100 as their ERP system for industries, including:

  • Wholesale distribution 
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Non-profits
  • Food & Beverage, and many others

For e-commerce needs, you need to integrate third-party software with Sage 100 to create a Sage 100 API.

Sage Software Add-on Beyond ERP 

Besides the core features of Sage 100 ERP, you can also benefit from using the following add-ons:

  • Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Sage Operations Management
  • Sage Intelligence
  • Sage CRM
  • Sage Alerts and Workflow
  • Sage 100cloud Payroll

You must also know that Sage Fixed Assets software can be deployed on-premise or on cloud servers. 

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How Much Does Sage 100 ERP Cost?

Sage 100 pricing mostly depends on the base pricing plan and the enhancements and upgrades you select (third-party integrations).

As per the information provided by Sage, the Sage 100 ERP is available with:

  • Sage 100 Essentials
  • Sage 100 Advanced
  • Sage 100 Complete

You need to request a quote based on your specific needs. For more information, click here

Host Your Sage 100 ERP on Verito’s Cloud

If you want to better control your business processes while working with Sage 100, switch to Sage 100 ERP hosting on Verito’s Cloud. Our cloud hosting solutions will help different teams in your organization work in sync with our remote access feature. You can also benefit from hosting your Sage software on our dedicated servers to customize the configuration as per the changing business requirements.

Call us at 1-855-583-7486 to host Sage software on the cloud. 

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