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To become successful in business, you need three essential things: a long-term vision, a great product, and a passionate team. Of course, you might already have the vision to lead a market segment or build a brand known in every home. You might have also worked on the product design and development to be delivered to the customers. But finding the right team can be quite challenging, along with the challenges of ensuring workplace productivity. This is where team collaboration comes into the picture and takes the spotlight.

Since we live in a cloud-backed era where various business tasks are handled over the cloud, redefining team collaboration as ‘cloud collaboration’ is quite interesting. Amidst the availability of cloud hosting solutions and the need for application hosting, let’s cover cloud collaboration in detail.

What is Cloud Collaboration?

Cloud collaboration refers to the team collaboration method that allows multiple team members to work together on applications and documents hosted on a cloud server. This method allows every authorized user to access the same files simultaneously and add, edit, or modify their content in real-time. 

Moreover, team members can view and edit the document conveniently from any location (per their specific user permissions). Individuals can see the changes made by different team members in a file after they are saved and synced. This way, every user sees the same version of any data file hosted on the cloud.

One of the primary benefits of cloud collaboration is that it eliminates the need to create multiple versions of the same documents or merge various resulting files into one. The rapid adoption of cloud technology has made it easier for businesses to benefit from remote and hybrid work models. It allows different teams to work together and remotely achieve shared targets/goals.

In scenarios where a lack of team collaboration results in project failure or productivity loss, cloud collaboration technologies have become the next big thing for many industries and sectors.

Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of cloud collaboration.

Cloud Collaboration: What’s In It for Your Business?

  • Streamlined workflow

When you switch to cloud hosting to support various business-specific needs, you allow different teams to work faster and more efficiently. This, in turn, improves productivity at work. If you feel the need for flexible work scheduling in different departments of your organization, cloud collaboration is meant for you. It can help share tasks between collaborators in irregular working hours and time zones.

Transitioning to cloud storage also means every team member can easily access all the documents they need. They can share and work on cloud-hosted files wherever and at any time. This also reduces the time spent waiting for updates and information from others.

  • Uninterrupted file access

A big bonus of switching to cloud solutions is easy access to cloud-hosted data files without interruption. The underlying data centers designed to ensure high server availability make this possible. In addition, renowned dedicated server hosting providers offer an SLA-backed uptime guarantee of 99.995%.

Whether your team members are in the office, at home, or on the go, they can check and work on the data files and do the needful. This is quite useful to accounting and tax professionals who cannot afford to wait while preparing tax files and filing returns. If the chosen server cannot handle the business requirements, you can upgrade the hosting plan for better performance.

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  • Real-time modification updates

Consider this instance to understand the benefits of cloud collaboration –

User A shares File P with User B to make certain changes. After making the required modifications, User B saved File P as P(2) and passed it to User C. Until it reaches the final user for delivery to the client, none of the individual users would get to know who changed what.

Cloud-hosted data files work differently. When they are edited or updated, changes appear in real time for all authorized users. In other words, there is no such thing as the ‘latest file version’ but only one version at any given time. Depending on the chosen cloud provider, you can even send an alert to different users whenever a modification is made to a shared file.

  • Enhanced creative outflow and brainstorming

For most businesses, it is essential to let the creative juices flow with regular brainstorming sessions. However, brainstorming is often neglected if your employees are spread across the country or world because of the geographical gap. The ease of communication resulting from cloud collaboration means your team members can interact and share ideas via chat or comments over the cloud-hosted files. 

Simplify Cloud Collaboration with Verito’s Dedicated Server Hosting

There’s no question that team collaboration backed by the cloud can positively impact your organization. Verito Technologies supports business requirements and offers comprehensive dedicated servers to host your data and applications. Click here to discuss your business needs and get started. 

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