What is the Difference Between Sage and QuickBooks?

What is the Difference Between Sage and QuickBooks?

Search for the best accounting software, and you will find QuickBooks and Sage as the top-rated choices preferred by businesses across the globe. Both the accounting software are best-suited for fast-growing companies and have a diverse feature-set that helps simplify various tasks at work. While QuickBooks is primarily meant for accounting or bookkeeping needs, Sage software has been designed for project management and more. Since many of the features of these two software overlaps, it becomes difficult for business owners to make QuickBooks Vs. Sage comparison.

Which one of the accounting software is right for you? How can you differentiate between them to make the proper selection?

All such questions can be best answered by exploring various facets of these applications and understanding what makes them different. 

More About QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks, backed by Intuit, is a powerful business accounting application highly used in the financial management industry. Since its launch in the market, it has been the go-to accounting solution for several decades owing to its features that help keep the books straight and organized. 

QuickBooks can take your financial data and organize it all in an easy-to-use format. It also helps in payroll management, sales management, billing, and various other aspects related to the business, depending on the QuickBooks version you have chosen. All its features make it an ideal solution to run a small to big business efficiently. 

You can also host QuickBooks on the cloud to gain remote access and higher data security. 

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More About Sage Software 

Sage accounting software facilitates various accounting tasks meant for businesses. For example, for financial management, it is the 3rd largest accounting software globally and is highly used for financial reporting, business management, and record-keeping. 

Sage software is also available in different subtypes, ranging from Sage 50, Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 CRE, to name a few. Many of the features in this application are meant for specific industries, including accounting, finance, construction, and real estate. Depending on the Sage version you select for your business, you can make the most of its features to manage financial systems and practices. 

Moreover, Sage can be used in the local-hosted or cloud-hosted format with the help of third-party cloud service providers.

QuickBooks Vs. Sage Comparison

Features/SpecializationIncome and expense tracking, bookkeeping, sync with bank/credit card accounts, etc. Project management, invoicing, reporting, etc. 
VersionsPro, Premier, Enterprise, and moreSage HR, Sage 100 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor, and more
PricingStarts at $12 per month for small businesses $7.5 per month for Sage Accounting
Cloud CompatibilityCan be hosted on cloud servers 

How to Choose Between QuickBooks and Sage?

Most businesses rely on their accounting software heavily to manage their finances. Hence, it is no wonder that both QuickBooks and Sage makers have created them with comprehensive features. While it can be challenging to make the right choice, you can consider the following aspects ahead of QuickBooks Vs. Sage comparison:

  • Make a list of your business needs that you want the chosen accounting software to fulfill
  • Look at the pricing and features of each of the software
  • Get free trials to check how the software works
  • Ask for recommendations from your peers in the same industry
  • Seek advice from accounting professionals 
  • Research online and collect adequate information about the software
  • Check the reputation of the software maker – Intuit and Sage group
  • Also, check for the cloud hosting providers to host these applications on the cloud

Selecting the best accounting software is more about finding a match between available solutions and your business needs. You need not complicate the software selection process when it can be done easily using the pointers given above. 

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