How to Host Sage Software on the Cloud?

How to Host Sage Software on theCloud

Sage software is highly beneficial for business owners as it helps them manage various facets of their business, be it accounting, payroll, or payments. Currently, more than six million businesses rely on this popular accounting software globally. It mainly helps accountants grow their business and offer better service to clients.

If you want to know more about the history of Sage software, its features, pricing, and comparison with QuickBooks, we have already covered it all in this guide.

Both beginners and advanced users of Sage software ask a common question about using this software – ‘Is it good to host Sage in the local environment or on cloud?’

To get the correct answer, you need to understand the difference between using Sage software. So let’s get into the details.

How is Cloud-Hosted Sage Different from Local-hosted Environment?

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can use Sage software in three ways:

  • Separate installation for different users on their dedicated PCs
  • On-site server hosting within your office premise
  • Sage hosting on cloud via a third-party service provider

When you host Sage software in a local environment, you can deploy it on locally installed systems/servers for on-premise usage. However, it does require expert knowledge and resources to manage the local IT infrastructure. While you get reasonable control over the server usage in this environment, it is quite expensive in deployment.

On the other hand, Sage hosting means your licensed software will be hosted on the cloud servers of third-party hosting service providers. They will charge you based on the hosting plan you choose and the resources in use. Since the hosting providers invest in the deployment and maintenance of servers, you need not worry about the financial side. Neither you need to hire in-house IT professionals to manage the server. 

If you are still doubtful about switching to Sage software hosting, continue reading.

When Should You Consider Hosting Sage Software on the Cloud?

Hosting your Sage software on a dedicated cloud server can make accounting tasks more accessible and more accurate for you. Given below are the instances when you should consider Sage software hosting for your business:

  • If you often find it challenging to access accounting files outside the office premises and lose time traveling to and from your office
  • If your team spends a lot of time editing multiple versions of the same file that they cannot access simultaneously
  • If you expect the team members to work with improved productivity and better collaboration irrespective of their location – home or office
  • If the cost of maintaining and upgrading the in-house IT setup is growing and seems less feasible in the long run
  • If you want to connect with your clients seamlessly and share with them the latest accounting files for their perusal

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Top 10 Benefits of Switching to Sage Software Hosting for Your Business

Given below are the top 10 sage hosting benefits you should know about:

  • Round-the-clock accessibility of Sage software as per your convenience, which means you need not wait to reach office premises to handle urgent tasks at hand
  • Improved efficiency at work backed by easy collaboration between team members
  • There is no need to create and share multiple versions of the same file as your team members can work on and edit simultaneously.
  • Cost-effective hosting plans that include software upgrades and server maintenance charges
  • Automated data backups to keep your business data safe even in the event of natural disasters
  • 24×7 customer support services by experts to resolve your hosting-related queries
  • SLA-backed server uptime
  • Easy to switch to a paperless environment at work
  • Easy to integrate add-ons if needed
  • Best-in-class security measures

Steps You Should Follow to Host Sage Software on the Cloud

  1. Assess your business needs (in terms of authorized users getting the cloud server access, computing resources required, and budget)
  2. Select a reliable cloud hosting provider as a long-term partner for your business
  3. Select the right hosting plan that matches your needs and is available at a price you can afford

The bottom line

When you host Sage software on the cloud, you switch from the traditional way to access software to a modern solution backed by cloud technology. Make sure you understand the benefits of cloud technology for your business before making this decision.

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