How to Take Full Advantage of Sage Application Hosting For Your Business

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Using Sage software for the accounting needs of your business is one thing while maximizing its benefits is another entirely. This is one reason why many CPAs and accounting firms prefer to host Sage application on the cloud. Selecting a cloud solution provider for Sage hosting can make it easier for you to access this powerful software in many ways. Remote accessibility, data security, and team collaboration are some of the primary benefits of Sage hosting. 


However, it is up to you to decide to what extent you want to benefit from using Sage software in a cloud-based environment. You might find most Sage hosting plans to be the same for various use cases. It is your call to understand how you would extract maximum value for money paid for Sage application hosting.


Wondering how you can benefit from cloud-hosted Sage application maximally? Let’s dive deeper.


Ultimate Tips to Grow Your Business with Sage Hosting



  • Keep Your Accounting Files Saved on the Cloud


Loss of data with the slightest possibility of recovery is one of the most common disadvantages of working in a desktop environment. Once you have hosted Sage on the cloud, it would be better not to leave your accounting files on your local computer. Instead, move them all to your cloud server for enhanced security benefits. 


Your cloud service provider will take care of the security measures for Sage software hosted on a cloud server. They take all the necessary steps to keep the environment safe with regular audits, data encryption technologies, and firewalls. Moving your accounting files to the cloud means dual security benefits for your business. 



  • Upgrade Your Hosting Plan Only When Needed


At the start, you might have selected a Sage application hosting based on your everyday business needs. However, the tax season is far away, and you are not in a rush to stress out because of loads of accounting work left to be done. As long as you do not need more cloud resources to improve productivity at work, you can continue with the basic hosting plan


Upgrade your cloud hosting plan after you realize you need to make the software and data accessible to more users and thus, require higher computing power. With this approach, you can save more money while also getting the most out of your investments in cloud technology.



  • Set User Controls Over Authorised Cloud Access


One of the reasons behind the top-notch security benefits you receive with cloud hosting is its user access control. You can define roles and create user accounts with limited access controls to ensure that only authorized users can access cloud-hosted software and data. 


Most business owners ask the hosting provider to create a few users accounts for cloud server access. However, you can take access control into your hands, create new authorized user accounts, and define access permissions to ensure maximum security to your business-related data. 



  • Go Paperless


Making the transition from a traditional paper-based documentation approach is not easy for every accountant. Many CPAs are accustomed to make the entries on physical files and store them in their local database. 


If you have already switched to Sage hosting, it is time to understand the importance of going paperless at work. With Sage software on the cloud, you get a centralized database that can cater to and replace various documentation needs. It also helps you eliminate time-consuming paperwork and adopt a paperless culture, which is also good for the environment.


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  • Invite Your Clients to Access Cloud-hosted Files


One of the most redundant tasks in an accountant’s life is sharing multiple files with their clients to and fro. Finally, after several rounds of edits and changes, the final version is approved and then taken into use. 


A more straightforward way to save time and effort in sharing files with clients is to provide them with access to cloud-hosted accounting files. This way, they can check files quickly and add comments or suggestions on the go without requesting multiple file versions repeatedly.


Sage hosting can benefit your business in various ways. However, your knowledge and understanding about putting its benefits into use make a significant difference. 


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