What to Consider Before Hosting Sage Application on the Cloud?

What to Consider Before Hosting Sage Application on the Cloud - Verito Technologies

Sage software is amongst the market leaders for payroll and integrated accounting software. Small and medium businesses use Sage software to manage their invoicing, finances, and cash flow needs. Sage has a slew of products to fit different needs. For example, there is Sage Accounting, Sage Payroll, Sage HR for small businesses. On the other hand, medium-sized companies benefit from using Sage Intacct, Sage X3, Sage 200 cloud, and similar versions.


As a product, the Sage application has all-inclusive features that your business would need to maintain productivity at work and manage accounting needs. However, using the software in a desktop-hosted environment often creates work-related challenges. It is where the importance of Sage hosting on the cloud is highly felt. 


Hosting your Sage application on the cloud will provide undeniable benefits, like remote access, cloud security, data backups, and more. However, you should not make this transition in a frenzy. There are several aspects you must consider before you step forward to choose Sage hosting services. 


5 Things to Consider Before Switching to Sage Hosting


  • Process of data migration


Hiring a cloud service provider is not just about getting a server and then working on the configuration task by yourself. In general, most Sage hosting providers offer a dedicated professional that helps migrate the data and set up a cloud environment for your business needs. So whether you want to host Sage 50, Sage 100 ERP, or Sage 300 ERP on the cloud, you can rest assured you will get a ready-to-use, cloud-hosted Sage application.


However, it is crucial to check the details related to the data migration and cloud configuration process. The easier this process is, the earlier you can become familiar with using Sage hosted on a cloud server.


  • Supported add-ons


Although Sage software can handle various business needs with its features, you can add more value to its capabilities with multiple add-ons. Whether it is Stripe for payments, SalesSeek for CRM, or Payment Evolution for payroll, you can select the right add-ons to support your business and save money. 


Integrating add-ons to your Sage application in a desktop environment is different from doing the same in a cloud-hosted setup. Make sure your cloud service provider supports the integration of Sage add-ons. 


  • Scalable hosting plans


In the accounting industry, CPAs generally have a hectic work schedule during the tax season. As a result, they need more human resources and technological support to get things done faster. So while you can select a Sage hosting plan that fits your current business needs, you should get the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade it as needed.

This way, you can benefit from paying only for the cloud resources you utilize during any specific period. 


  • Dedicated cloud server


Cloud hosting services are mainly available in two different formats – shared hosting and dedicated cloud server. 


As the name suggests, shared hosting plans let you share a set of cloud resources – cloud storage and computing power, with other cloud users. However, this is generally not recommended to businesses due to possible performance issues with shared resources. Instead, you should go for a dedicated server where you can host one or more business applications and enjoy the maximum benefits of cloud technology.


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  • Data backups


A common question people ask while switching to Sage hosting is about data security during unprecedented events. Losing crucial data related to diverse clients can put the entire business of an accounting firm at risk. This is why you must ask about the data backup features that your cloud solution provider offers. For the security of critical data, you can also hire managed backup service providers. 


The decision to host Sage applications on the cloud will be highly beneficial for your business, provided you have hired a renowned cloud service provider. Making an informed decision to host accounting software on cloud is much better than deciding things randomly. 


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