Why You Can’t Buy A Used Copy Of QuickBooks?

Intuit has resellers or partners who are authorized to sell genuine, licensed QuickBooks range of products. These products must be purchased from Intuit directly or from this authorized personnel. There have been many cases of unauthorized sellers who have duped people into selling some of QuickBooks products. These customers have not been able to use the product because they do not have the required details to register and validate it.

With access to various e-commerce portals, there are chances of bumping into QuickBooks products from unknown sellers who might pose to have brand new copies. They advertise with discounted prices and this draws customers to buy such products. However, when they try installing and using the product, they are stuck and cannot proceed further.

What happens during installation?

You can install the software using the relevant CD or by downloading the installation files. During installation, you will be prompted to enter the license number and the product number.

Before you use the software, you must register the QuickBooks software with Intuit. The registration or activation is mandatory because if you do not complete this task, you will not be able to create or open Company Files.

So, it is very important to note that every time you install QuickBooks software, you must register or activate it. If you have multiple copies of Hosted Quickbooks and want to install it on different computers, you must register each of the copy after installing it. It also indicates that if you wish to reinstall QuickBooks on a new computer, you must register it. If you are experiencing issues while registering, you can contact the customer support team for assistance.

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What happens during registration?

Before registration, Intuit verifies whether you have a genuine QuickBooks version and then prompts you to enter your Intuit account details to initiate registration. During registration, you are also prompted to enter business details including business phone and postal code. After you enter these details, Intuit will detect whether your copy of QuickBooks was already registered. In case it’s on a new computer, it will record the registration information for the new computer.


  • If you reinstall QuickBooks on a computer where it was previously registered, you will not be required to register again. QuickBooks will detect that your copy of QuickBooks was already registered and will not prompt you to register.
  • Reinstallation on a new computer does not move company files automatically. You must do it manually from the old computer to the new one.

So, now that we have seen a gist of what happens during installation and registration, it is very clear that license numberproduct number, and accurate registration details are crucial to enable you to use QuickBooks software.

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What happens when you purchase a used copy of QuickBooks from an unauthorized seller?

When you purchase a used copy of QuickBooks from an unauthorized seller online or in person, remember that for you to use the software, you need a valid license number, product number, and also the registration details. At times, you might have the license number and the product number from the user who sold it to you. However, if you enter your details for registration, it will not allow you to proceed as the software has been registered by the seller and it is linked to his personal details. Intuit also performs an auto-verification by sending details to the registered phone number. So, re-registering with your personal details will be invalid. Buying and reselling used QuickBooks software is illegal.

Transferring licenses

If you wish to transfer QuickBooks software from one business to another, you can submit the transfer of ownership form and Intuit will review it and transfer the license accordingly.

You can access the Transfer of Ownership form here.

Therefore, it is best to purchase QuickBooks from authorized Intuit partners and resellers instead of purchasing it online.

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