Using the Best Features of Sage software? You Also Need This

Using the Best Features of Sage software? You Also Need This - Verito Technologies

Automation of various tasks is a key to running a successful business, irrespective of the industry. Whether your business involves dealing with multiple suppliers, contractors, or even human resources, Sage software can work wonders for you. This advanced software is known for its impressive usage in accounting, human resource management, payroll, and payments. There are different versions of this software available to fulfill various needs of diverse business types. 

However, the on-premise installation of Sage software has its limitations. You need to invest a significant amount in setting up local infrastructure based on your business requirements and team size. If you believe that Sage software has helped you handle your business, rise a step ahead and utilize the benefits of Sage application hosting. Sage application on cloud is about planning for the next-level growth of your business so that the tools and applications you use are compatible with your needs. 

Sage application hosting can help you make your business more productive and eliminate several restrictions that come along with using the local-hosted Sage. Let’s dig deeper into various advantages of hosting Sage applications on cloud.

5 Reasons to Switch to Sage Application Hosting

1. Top-Level Security for Your Data

When you have the Sage application installed on a local computer, the onus of maintaining its data safe and secure lies on you, this is one reason why you invest in several security measures, including anti-virus and anti-malware software. When it is about maintaining software-level security for all the systems your team works on, investing the required time and money is not feasible in all cases. Moreover, there are other hassles of deploying the security methods on all the local computer systems.

With Sage application hosting, maintaining your software and data security becomes the responsibility of the cloud solution provider you select. Your data will be protected using top-rated security methods, including multi-factor authentication, data encryption, intrusion detection systems, to name a few. When you host Sage application on cloud, you need not invest in setting up in-house backup servers. The cloud service provider works in this regard by taking regular data backups. 

2. Hardware Cost Savings

When a company wants to create an in-house IT setup, it needs to set aside a hefty sum to purchase IT hardware and equipment. Moreover, being a machine, the installed hardware needs regular maintenance and upgrade. In terms of returns, these investments may turn out to be relatively high for your business to continue working on a local-hosted Sage application.

By switching to Sage application hosting, you can practically eliminate the cost associated with setting up the on-premise IT setup. Your Sage application and its data will be hosted in the cloud environment maintained by the third-party cloud service provider. You can utilize these capital savings in other spheres of your business.  

You can access Sage application hosted on the cloud via your smartphone, tablets, or laptops without solely relying on office computers. 

3. 24x7x365 Support

Most prominent organizations deploy an IT team to look after their local IT infrastructure. But this is not possible for all businesses, especially those who have just begun their operations and are bootstrapped. On the one hand, there are hassles of maintaining the team. While on the other, there is a cost factor. If you have been running an IT or accounting business, you would agree how difficult it can be to set up and maintain a customer support team to resolve queries. 

Sage application hosting providers know this aspect of their clients’ businesses very well. That is why they provide dedicated support services to ensure that clients like you get their hosting-related issues resolved as quickly as possible. With Sage on cloud, there is no need for you to hire an IT team within your organization.

4. Multi-User Software Access in Real-Time

Many users face a common problem when working on a local-hosted Sage application is the to-and-fro sharing of data files amongst each other. At each end, some change is to be made in one file before forwarding to another team member, leading to the accumulation of multiple copies of the same file. Also, communicating through emails often causes hurdles related to team collaboration.

Sage application hosting solves such hurdles in a streamlined manner. When you host the licensed Sage application on cloud, you enable your team members to collaborate with clients over the shared cloud platform. With this facility, you can work on the same data file with one or more of your team members in real-time, making changes in a way that others can see. Similarly, you can provide authorized access to the cloud-hosted data to check for the work done. 

5. Additional Benefit of Working in a Paperless Environment

With Sage application on the cloud, you can maintain a centralized database that takes care of user documentation needs. If going through paper files and invoices is something you strongly dislike, you can maintain a paperless work environment with Sage hosting. 

Sage application hosting helps save time spent in getting a document printed and delivered to a destination. On the other hand, it saves overhead costs involved in printing documents and logistics. 

Work Like a Pro with Sage Application Hosting

Sage application on cloud is a complete solution that your business needs to streamline various business processes. With the combination of Sage application and cloud technology, you can benefit in ways you might have never imagined. Whether it is capital expense reduction, remote software accessibility, or software benefits, there are several ways in which Sage hosting can fit your business.

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