VPS Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting: What’s In It for You?

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Like most businesses, you might also have the on-premise IT setup installed in your office. If you recently came across the benefits of cloud hosting over the traditional infrastructure, the chances are you would want to switch to a cloud server. However, the availability of shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting may become yet another source of confusion. All these cloud hosting service models have their pros and cons. 

Suppose you started with shared hosting based on peer recommendation in the initial phase of your business. In that case, the chances are that you need to upgrade the hosting services to deal with increased data, applications, and authorized users working on the cloud. This is where VPS and dedicated server hosting takes center stage.

To select the one that is most suitable for your business needs, you must understand their unique features, working, and how they differ from one another. Here, we will cover the differences between VPS hosting and dedicated hosting in detail.

VPS Hosting – Definition and More

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Hence, VPS hosting refers to the process of delivering a single physical computing machine via the cloud to multiple clients. Here, several virtual servers are created on one physical server, and each client is allotted a separate virtual server. While the users share one physical server as a whole, they have a private virtual server given to host business data and applications. Their computing resources are separated from each other, and they do not share them with others.

Let’s consider an analogy to understand VPS hosting better –

Think of VPS hosting as a godown of groceries in which different items are dedicated to different sellers. Although each seller receives or accesses objects from the same godown, they need not share their products with other sellers who also share the godown space. Similarly, in VPS, the host or hosting provider manages the physical machine (grocery godown), which is subdivided into various virtual servers (sections for different grocery items). That is how you get a virtual private server to support your business needs.

Dedicated Hosting – Definition and More

About the analogy considered above, a dedicated server is similar to the entire grocery godown. However, while it provides the same computing resources, the privacy and security levels go several notches higher as you need not share its resources with any other user.  

With dedicated hosting, you benefit from a third-party server to host various business applications and data and enable remote access. Moreover, since the IT infrastructure is not shared externally, you need not compromise on the security and performance front.

Another advantage of a dedicated server is the availability of ‘pay-as-you-use’ hosting plans and fixed billing rates. You can select the plan that best suits your needs and scale the resources up or down as needed. It also provides server-level access and customization to fit your business use cases.

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VPS Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting: 4 Key Differences

  • Security

Both these types of cloud solutions are quite secure. Still, deciding to use a dedicated hosting solution is more secure, with lesser chances of intrusion or cyber-attacks. No unauthorized user can use your IT resources under a dedicated hosting plan.

  • Performance

Whether you run a small or a big business, cloud-hosted business applications’ performance matters a lot. With a dedicated server, you can easily avoid various performance issues which may otherwise impact your business. Furthermore, even if the demand for cloud resources grows, you can expand the dedicated server resources by connecting with your cloud service provider.

  • Managed or Unmanaged Support

With VPS and dedicated hosting solutions, you can get managed hosting plans, depending on your chosen solution provider. At Verito, you can also benefit from managed IT services and your selected dedicated hosting plan. To know more about managed IT services, click here

  • Pricing

In terms of pricing, dedicated servers are costlier than VPS hosting plans. This is quite obvious regarding the extended benefits of performance, security, and privacy you receive with a dedicated hosting provider.

VPS or Dedicated Hosting – Choice is Yours

As detailed above, there are more nuanced differences between dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. However, the similarities between the two make it confusing to select the right one. Ultimately, it all boils down to your business needs and how much you can pay for such services. 

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