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QuickBooks accounting software is known for its wide range of features that helps accountants in their daily tasks. Since not all CPAs need the same features and functionalities of accounting software, there are several versions of QuickBooks available in the market. At the fundamental level, they start from QuickBooks Pro, then go on to QuickBooks Premier, and finally QuickBooks Enterprise. Regardless of the version you are using, you need QuickBooks hosting to gain the benefits of the cloud with this software. 

If you have plans to upgrade from QuickBooks Pro to Premier, Enterprise can benefit you even more with its extensive features. Besides knowing the features of this advanced QuickBooks software version, you must understand QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. 

Let us talk more about QuickBooks Enterprise hosting in this blog.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting?

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, also known as QuickBooks Enterprise hosted on cloud, is the method of installing this version of QuickBooks hosted on the cloud server. It enables software access via a web browser using the Internet regardless of the location of its users. The remote access of software backed by QuickBooks Enterprise hosting makes these cloud solutions highly beneficial in the current pandemic world. 

QuickBooks Enterprise‘ data and files stored on the cloud are accessible by an authorized user anytime, anywhere, and without having the software installed locally on a computer system. 

With QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting, you get the best of both worlds – the utility of QuickBooks Enterprise’s desktop version and the ease of online accessibility. 

What Makes QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting A Better Alternative?

QuickBooks Enterprise is advanced accounting software. Although it is one of the most used accounting applications, it has certain limitations. These include no remote access to software and data, limited user access, computing resource limitation as per the local device configuration, and lack of automation. 

The best part is – most of these drawbacks can be covered with the help of cloud technology in the form of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. You will get the following benefits with QuickBooks hosted on the cloud:

  • Remote QuickBooks Enterprise access to multiple users 
  • Ease of sharing files with several users
  • Lower IT expenses
  • Easy integration with several QuickBooks add-ons
  • Data backups to prevent loss of QuickBooks Enterprise data

Let’s talk about these benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting in detail.

1. Enhanced Accessibility

When you switch to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, you and your team members will be able to access QuickBooks files from different locations simultaneously. With most CPAs working from home these days, this benefit is highly advantageous for all accounting firms. This improves the collective performance of an accounting team as a whole. 

2. File Sharing for Improved Productivity

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting means you can share files with your team and even the clients without using emails, for that matter. It saves time, which ultimately results in improved efficiency at work.

3. Cost Savings

When you rely on a trustworthy cloud solution provider for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solutions, you also save money in the long run. It is because it helps lower the expenses related to local IT setup and maintenance. Local hardware upgrades are not needed, as the cloud service provider will take care of it. 

4. QuickBooks Add-ons Integration

When you host QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud, you also get the facility to integrate several add-ons like CRM, ERP, and others to enhance this software’s capability further. Cloud hosting solutions backed by dedicated servers for different clients will make it easier for you to simplify your accounting business operations. 

5. Backups for Data Protection

QuickBooks Enterprise software and its files need protection beyond the security methods implemented on any local device. A reliable cloud solution provider who offers QuickBooks Enterprise hosting understands this aspect and ensures regular data backups. Over time, multiple copies of the clients’ data are backed up at different data centers to ensure you can get it back in case of an unfortunate event. 

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FAQs About QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

1. Will I lose any feature of QuickBooks Enterprise software by hosting it on the cloud?

There will be no loss of QuickBooks Enterprise features. You can use them all along with the additional benefits of cloud hosting. 

2. How many add-ons can I integrate with cloud-hosted QuickBooks Enterprise?

The list of add-ons integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solution may vary from one cloud solution provider to another. You can ask the service provider you hire for such intricate details.

3. Is QuickBooks hosting different from QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is a SaaS-based model of QuickBooks software. On the other hand, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is a service that third-party cloud providers offer to host licensed QuickBooks on the cloud.

4. Can I host all versions of QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud?

Most QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers host all the four versions of this software – Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond.

5. How much does QuickBooks hosting cost?

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting cost depends on the cloud solution provider you select. With Verito Technologies, the pricing starts at $69 per user per month for Solo members.

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