Dedicated Cloud Server for CPA Firms – Why Does It Matter?

Dedicated Cloud Server for CPA Firms - Verito Technologies

If you know about cloud technology, you’ve probably heard about shared or dedicated cloud servers. If you run an accounting firm, the chances are you are using highly reliable accounting software. So what’s the connection between the two? You can host your preferred accounting software on a shared or dedicated cloud server. 

Think of a cloud server as a hotel primarily meant for accommodation. When you want all your business-specific guests to stay in one hotel (assumption) for confidential meetings, you would ideally like to book the entire hotel so that the business-specific data or meeting minutes do not go out. Another way you can follow is to share a hotel where different businesses hold similar meetings.

In the example above, booking the entire hotel is analogous to selecting a dedicated cloud server for your CPA firm. On the other hand, sharing the hotel space with other businesses is akin to hosting your accounting data and applications on a shared server.

One of the common misconceptions about dedicated cloud server hosting is that it is meant only for big enterprises. From a business perspective, a dedicated cloud server means selecting a third-party server that is intended only for your business. All its computing resources will be dedicated to your CPA firm, hence the name.

Advantages of a Dedicated Cloud Server for Your Accounting Firm

  • Complete Utilization of Server Resources

As you continue to grow the reach of your business by catering to more clients, investing in upgraded technology and computing resources becomes essential. Irrespective of the types of clients you serve, business growth requires you to shift your focus from only gathering more clients to ensuring a glitch-free work experience while handling their accounting data.

There are many good reasons for switching to a dedicated cloud server, one of which is a better utilization of cloud resources. A dedicated server gives you complete control over the specifications and ensures higher security. Since the computing environment is not shared with other businesses, you will also benefit from preventing unauthorized data access.

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  • Better Customization Possibilities

How many authorized users would you want for your cloud server? What kind of user permissions do you want to specify for each user? 

The answer to these questions and similar others can be best answered when you have a dedicated cloud server. From setting data access permissions for different users/team members to enabling network protocols, a dedicated server allows you to configure the resources the way you need. In addition, you can make changes to the server resources without changing the cloud hosting plan.

This level of alteration might not be possible with shared hosting.

  • Enhanced Security

For most accounting firms, the security of their client’s data is one of the primary concerns. Ideally, you would want the accounting application and data to stay safe in the cloud environment. However, dedicated cloud server hosting can be your best bet if you are still concerned about hosting it on a third-party cloud server instead of an onsite cloud environment.

Since your dedicated server will be only yours, the risk of security issues arising from shared computing resources is eliminated. In addition, most cloud solution providers now provide dedicated cloud environments to host your data to minimize security risks.

  • Easy Integration of Accounting Software Add-ons

When you use accounting software to manage various tasks related to your CPA firms, you may also require add-on integration to complement their intrinsic features. Of course, each accounting software has its advantages and limitations, because of which it is quite common to use add-ons. But when you have decided to host this software on the cloud, you need to check if the cloud provider also supports add-on integration in the cloud server.

With a dedicated server, the add-on integration support is quite apparent. In addition, you have the entire server (based on the server specifications and selected hosting plan) that can accommodate both data and add-ons without causing any lag in performance.

  • Budget-friendliness

You want the best accounting software and cloud hosting plan for your accounting firm. You want a dedicated server to host the data and applications. But what about the amount you can invest for it all?

To find what’s most suitable for you, it is essential not to ignore the financial side of cloud hosting for your business. Switching to the cloud is not a one-time decision. Since you need to pay for it and benefit from it in the long run, you must select a dedicated server hosting plan that fits your needs and budget.

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