Tax Season 2023: Advantages of Switching to QuickBooks Desktop Hosting

Advantages of Switching to QuickBooks Desktop Hosting for Tax Season 2023

Tax professionals will most likely remember the year 2022, when the world began to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the so-called recovery has not been smooth, with most countries experiencing higher-than-expected inflation rates leading to a cost of living crisis. It has also made many tax and accounting firms think about ways to manage their work more efficiently. 

If you use QuickBooks desktop software in your tax & accounting firm, you might have thought of transitioning to the cloud but couldn’t get it done. Of course, several ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’ could be involved. What’s important now is that you clear all your doubts around QuickBooks desktop hosting to pave the way for the trouble-free tax season 2023.

Let’s get into the details of the primary benefits you can avail of with QuickBooks desktop hosting.

  • Reduced workplace expenses

Not long ago, everyone was happily working in an on-premise environment. But now, working professionals have a growing preference for work-from-home flexibility. Every top organization gradually shifts towards a partially or fully remote work environment. 

When you ask all your accounting team members to come to the office for work reasons, you cannot ignore the expenditures that go into maintaining the office space, keeping it clean, buying the latest computer systems, and more. However, when you migrate to QuickBooks on the cloud, you can allow the team to work in a fully-remote environment. They need not come to the office but work through their mobile devices or laptops via the Internet.

As a result, you save money on various office expenses and park them for various revenue-generating projects.

  • No significant investments in hardware

Cloud technology is so popular that the market is expected to reach US$ 1.2 trillion by 2027 (Source). With businesses already lined up to benefit from this advanced technology, it shouldn’t be a surprise that even accounting and tax firms are eyeing growth backed by the power of the cloud.

Traditionally, setting up an in-house IT infrastructure is out of budget for many accounting firms, let alone considering the cost of maintaining the same for its proper functioning. However, the chosen cloud provider will oversee the server setup and maintenance with QuickBooks desktop hosting. In addition, all the computing resources will be delivered via the Internet, which means you only need to manage and maintain the end devices.

  • Minimized risk around data loss

If you have ever felt worried about losing confidential information belonging to your clients, QuickBooks desktop hosting can help you leave your worries aside. 

Hosting the QB desktop application on a cloud server significantly reduces the risk of data hacking and theft. It is because of the vast array of security measures like antiviruses, antimalware, intrusion detectors, and firewalls deployed by the cloud hosting provider. Besides this, cloud-hosted QuickBooks comes with bank-grade encryption to provide another layer of protection against ransomware attacks on the private network.

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  • Easy scalability

The basic details of a QuickBooks hosting plan clearly explain the computing requirements you will receive with it. However, since the business needs of one accounting/tax firm can differ, how can you ensure you select the right plan? Also, what is the scope of upgrading the selected QuickBooks desktop hosting plan if the need arises?

A significant cost-saving feature of QuickBooks hosting is its easy scalability. It can also be regarded as ‘on-demand scalability. I.e., you can upgrade your current hosting plan to a better one with enhanced computing capabilities based on growing business needs and team size during the following season. Also, you can again downgrade the plan once the tax season is over to save on costs.

  • Better collaboration within the teams

While dealing with the accounting-related chaos during the tax season, you have two options: 

  • Either you can continue with the local-hosted QuickBooks, which is not quite efficient
  • Or you can switch to cloud-hosted QuickBooks to get more things done in less time

QuickBooks hosting on the cloud makes way for a seamless, efficient experience with which many authorized accounting professionals in your team can work together simultaneously and make changes to the QB files. As a result, you can eliminate the to-and-fro sharing of accounting data via email to be checked, edited, or reviewed by multiple team members.

Final Words

As detailed above, QuickBooks desktop hosting brings down several business-related expenses while also providing the capability to work more efficiently during the tax season 2023. 

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