QuickBooks Add-ons Hosting – How to Check If You Need This?

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Regardless of their size and scale, businesses require different software that helps automate processes like billing, HR, sales, and accounting. If budget is not a constraint, you would want to invest money in multiple software for each business process. On the other hand, a cost-effective solution would be to select powerful software integrated with various third-party add-ons to enhance its capabilities and feature set. 

This is possible with QuickBooks, a leading accounting software. You can integrate as many QuickBooks add-ons as you want to accomplish business-specific tasks. Wondering if these QuickBooks add-ons will work in the cloud-hosted environment? First, you need to know more about QuickBooks add-ons hosting.

Let’s get into the details.

What is QuickBooks Add-ons Hosting?

QuickBooks add-ons hosting refers to integrating required QB add-ons and third-party apps with a cloud-hosted QuickBooks on a unified platform. 

If you prefer to work with QuickBooks hosting, you would ideally want all the relevant add-ons installed on your dedicated server alongside the software. However, the availability of QuickBooks add-on hosting solutions depends on the cloud hosting provider you hire. For most CPAs and accounting firms, hosting QuickBooks add-ons on the cloud is essential to enhance the performance and efficiency of their licensed QuickBooks software.

Benefits of QuickBooks Add-ons Hosting

  • Easy access to add-ons on the cloud

When you have QB add-ons integrated with the QuickBooks software on a dedicated server, you and your team can work on diverse business tasks without facing any interruptions. 

  • Enhanced collaboration and work productivity

By switching to QuickBooks add-ons hosting, you also get the flexibility and freedom to share, access and modify QB files simultaneously with your team. This way, you can accomplish more tasks in less time.

  • Top-notch data security

Third-party cloud solutions are backed by state-of-the-art architecture, super-fast SSD servers, and multi-level security checks. On the one hand, data encryption and authorized access benefit your business. On the other hand, firewalls and intrusion detection systems deal with potential malware attacks. 

  • 24×7 customer support

Another striking feature of QuickBooks add-on hosting solutions is that you can connect with their support team round the clock if you face any hosting-related issues. Also, there are multiple modes available to ask for support, be it call, chat, or email.

QuickBooks Add-on Purpose  Description
Bill.com Billing and invoicing You can create and manage invoices and accept recurring payments using this add-on.
SmartVault Document storage and management  Used for managing and storing various documents like invoices, finance files, insurance documents, etc., to maintain a streamlined workflow.
Fishbowl Inventory Inventory management Used to integrate sales orders/inventory with the QuickBooks software.
Method CRM Customer relationship management Used to simplify the task of preparing statements and invoices. 
Avalara Sales and taxation SaaS solution for the automation of tax and sales processes.
SpringAhead Time-tracking and expense reporting Its seamless integration with QuickBooks makes tracking sales, bills, and reimbursements easier. 

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Why Choose Verito’s Cloud for QuickBooks Add-ons Hosting?

Here are the primary reasons that make us a trusted QuickBooks add-ons hosting provider:

  • 99.995% server uptime guarantee
  • 30-days rolling backup
  • Disaster recovery 
  • HPC dedicated servers for your business needs

For more information about our hosting solutions, call us at 1-855-583-7486.

QuickBooks Add-ons Hosting FAQs

Why should you opt for QuickBooks add-on hosting?

By hosting QuickBooks add-ons with the software on a cloud server, you can perform more tasks with high productivity without worrying about losing QB files.

How much does QuickBooks add-on hosting cost?

Verito Inc. offers cloud hosting solutions for most QuickBooks add-ons at no extra cost. It means you only need to purchase our QuickBooks hosting plan. However, you may be asked to pay certain charges for the hosting services in some cases.

Where can I buy QuickBooks add-ons?

We do not sell or lease QuickBooks licenses, which means that you need to buy the software or add-ons from the respective sellers. For QuickBooks add-ons hosting, you need to share the required license details with us to get the add-ons integrated into your cloud-hosted QuickBooks. 

Why should I hire Verito Inc. for QuickBooks add-on hosting?

At Verito Inc., we are dedicated to benefiting our clients with our cloud infrastructure at a budget-friendly price. Our experience in serving CPAs, accounting firms, and SMBs with our cloud hosting solutions make us the right choice for QuickBooks add-on hosting.

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