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QuickBooks is the leading accounting software used by millions of professionals across the globe. Being enriched with a host of powerful features makes the accountants’ jobs much easier than it used to be. However, in addition to all the benefits it provides individuals to professionals, QuickBooks also supports many add-ons.

Let’s cover QuickBooks add-ons in detail to clear various questions you might have in mind.

What are QuickBooks Add-ons?

QuickBooks Add-ons are third-party tools to integrate with the software to extend its functionalities. Since every business has its unique set of needs, it requires certain specific features to be added to the QuickBooks accounting software using add-ons.

Simply put, QuickBooks add-ons are additional applications or software that cater to specific needs when combined with QuickBooks. 

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Why Do Businesses Need QuickBooks Add-Ons?

The change in business demands within their current dynamics has been a new normal. Every business owner looks forward to utilizing the best-in-class software to simplify various tasks at work. While QuickBooks does fulfill a wide variety of needs as generalized accounting software, it cannot do everything. 

For industry-specific or use-case-specific functionalities, QuickBooks often falls short with its features. For example, a retail business would expect some features to manage their inventory and billing using QuickBooks. This can be done using QuickBooks add-ons. 

These days, you can easily find a plethora of QuickBooks add-ons available to help you accomplish various tasks related to your business. 

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  • ACCTivate

ACCTivate is an advanced inventory management software that works as a QuickBooks add-on. When integrated with QuickBooks, it helps manage a seamless collaboration between accounting and inventory management tasks. Its features include real-time collaboration, project tracking, multi-channel sales tracking, and more.

  • SmartVault

SmartVault is a powerful tool for accountants who require efficient storage of various quotations and invoices within QuickBooks. With SmartVault, you can store documents with QuickBooks while also managing their security. This add-on is handy for accountants because of its security standards.

  • Adobe Business Catalyst

This QuickBooks add-on is a useful software that allows syncing data with QuickBooks. Using this add-on, you can automatically sync data related to stock, payments, or products in QuickBooks. If you run an e-commerce business, use this add-on for faster data synchronization. 

  • BillQuick

BillQuicK integration with QuickBooks eliminates the risk of data redundancy. With its intelligent data entry feature, this add-on can help you file bills faster, thus saving your time and expenses. It can also be used for time tracking, and project management needs related to your business. 

  • Fishbowl Inventory

Fishbowl Inventory is the top-rated manufacturing/warehouse inventory management software that integrates with QuickBooks to automate various critical business processes. It is customized software that can link the manufacturing/warehouse and accounting departments in your business.

  • integration with QuickBooks can help simplify your business’s invoicing and bill payments process. Using this QuickBooks add-on, you can have a complete real-time overview of the cash flow and automate billing updates. 

  • Method CRM

It is a highly sought-after add-on amongst QB users to manage customer relations without worries. As a reliable CRM integrated with QuickBooks, it can help simplify preparing statements and invoices by providing built-in customer information in the software. 

  • Avalara

It is a cloud-based SaaS solution to automate the sales and tax processes. It also evaluates taxes per the latest tax laws across states and countries, thus helping your business remain tax compliant.

  • Bill and Pay

This QuickBooks add-on is used for invoicing, payment collection, making deposits, and record keeping. Using this add-on, you can accept payments via different payment methods – ACH, PayPal, credit cards. If you handle a large chunk of payments, this is a must-have add-on to your QuickBooks desktop software.

  • Data Transfer Utility

This add-on helps transfer data between different QuickBooks files, hence the name. Its quick integration with QuickBooks provides several customization choices to select the data to be transferred between different files. It also comes with the features of merging, over-writing, erasing, and adding data to multiple files.

  • SpringAhead

The primary purpose of using this add-on is online time-tracking and reporting expenses. For accountants, handling many bills and invoices and then tracking them timely is a challenging task. SpringAhead integration with QuickBooks helps them overcome this challenge by automating tracking sales, bills, and reimbursements online. 

  • ExpenseWatch

Managing expense structure and the related financial transactions for any business becomes highly complex, depending on the size and scale of the company. This QuickBooks add-on simplifies the complexities in financial transactions between the business and its vendors, employees, etc., and ultimately saves a lot of time.

  • T-Hub

It is more of an order management solution that has been designed to streamline online order processing. It syncs the details between an online store, QuickBooks, shipping medium, and marketplaces when integrated with QuickBooks. As a result, it saves the accountant time dealing with various stakeholders involved to finalize the account details.

  • QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time syncs with the employee’s timesheets seamlessly as a time-tracking application, thus allowing you to manage job costing and payroll easily. This time-tracking automation can also help improve productivity at work.

  • Time Tracker by eBility

It is an employee management add-on with which your employees can submit their entries from anywhere for review. The defined admins can also approve, reject, or edit entries remotely using this application. It also allows QuickBooks to sync information about bills, credits, and other adjustments.

  • QBSync

You need this QuickBooks add-on to handle the task of importing data from QuickBooks software to MySQL and reduce the manual efforts required. You can also schedule the sync for automated data exporting from QuickBooks.

  • QuickBooks POS

It is a trusted POS solution for QuickBooks software users and helps manage inventory status, customer loyalty, and other tasks for the offline sales channels. 

More About QuickBooks Add-ons

  • Many of the QuickBooks add-ons are available at an additional cost, and they function better than the free ones.
  • Most of these add-ons work with both QuickBooks desktop products and QuickBooks Online.
  • You can ask for support from QuickBooks to get these add-ons integrated with your software.
  • You can also integrate these add-ons when you choose to host QuickBooks on the cloud via a third-party cloud solution provider.

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The selection of QuickBooks add-ons should be based on your business-specific needs. You need not invest money in the add-ons that are non-relevant to your needs. For example, if you want to switch to QuickBooks hosting, choose Verito Technologies as your hosting provider. We support the integration of most QuickBooks add-ons on the cloud servers for our clients.

Are you having more doubts regarding the selection of add-ons? Call us at 1-855-583-7486.

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