QuickBooks Desktop Pro Review 2023: Improved Features and Pricing Included

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Review 2023

When you are running a small business, every decision carries a significant weight. From managing day-to-day operations to nurturing growth, you might find yourself at the crossroads of choices that can make or break your venture. Among these pivotal decisions, one that stands out as particularly crucial is the selection of accounting software.

While it might not have the glamor of product launches or the allure of marketing campaigns, the choice of accounting software is a linchpin in the success of any small business. It can be considered the unsung hero that silently weaves together the financial threads of your enterprise. From helping you maintain control to ensuring compliance with tax regulations, the software does it all. However, not every accounting software is equally good in terms of its features and benefits. If you want to select the best accounting software for your small business, one of the most popular options is QuickBooks Desktop Pro.

Here, we will dive deeper into the suitability of QuickBooks Desktop Pro to help you make an informed selection. 

What is QuickBooks Desktop Pro?

Developed by Intuit (a company renowned for its financial management software), QuickBooks Desktop Pro is an accounting software tailored to meet the specific needs of small businesses. It has earned its place as one of the go-to choices for entrepreneurs and small business owners because of its robust features and user-friendly interface.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is essentially a comprehensive financial management tool that helps businesses streamline their accounting processes. It comes with a wide array of features and functionalities, including:

  • Financial tracking

QuickBooks Desktop Pro allows you to monitor your income and expenses with ease. It enables you to record transactions, create invoices, and manage bills efficiently.

  • Reporting and analysis

The software also offers a range of customizable reports that provide valuable insights into your business’s financial health. You can generate balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow forecasts at the click of a button.

  • Inventory management

For businesses that deal with physical products, QuickBooks Desktop Pro offers inventory tracking capabilities. You can keep tabs on stock levels, set reorder points, and even create purchase orders directly within the software.

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Pros of Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro in 2023

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro offers a wide range of accounting and financial management features, which makes it suitable for various business needs.
  • The software is highly customizable and allows you to tailor it to their specific requirements, including customizing invoices and accounts.
  • It also provides extensive reporting tools to let you obtain valuable insights into your business’s financial health.
  • It simplifies payroll processing by assisting with salary calculations and generating paychecks, thereby reducing the complexity of payroll tasks.
  • The software also streamlines tax preparation by organizing financial data and generating tax-related reports. This can help you prepare for tax season more efficiently.
  • You can use QuickBooks Desktop Pro and get uninterrupted access to your financial data offline.

Cons of Using QuickBooks Desktop Pro in 2023

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro needs to be installed on a specific device, which limits its accessibility compared to cloud-based accounting solutions that offer remote access from various devices.
  • The upfront cost for QuickBooks Desktop Pro can be relatively high. This is what makes it less budget-friendly for some small businesses as compared to subscription-based alternatives.
  • Collaboration among team members or accountants may be challenging since QuickBooks Desktop Pro lacks real-time, cloud-based access. 
  • As a QB user, you are responsible for manually updating the software, which can be time-consuming and lead to delayed access to new features and bug fixes.
  • If your business requires QB access from multiple locations or on-the-go, this QB version lacks mobility and real-time data access.

More About QuickBooks Desktop Pro Pricing in 2023

QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plans Number of Users Starting Monthly Price
QuickBooks Desktop Pro 1 User 1 Starting at $41
QuickBooks Desktop Pro 3 Users 3 Starting at $84
QuickBooks Desktop Pro + Payroll 1 User 1 Starting at $87
QuickBooks Desktop Pro + Payroll 3 Users 3 Starting at $130

Note: These prices are taken from Intuit’s official website and may vary based on factors such as location, promotions, or specific versions you choose. Be sure to check the most up-to-date pricing on the QuickBooks website or consult with an authorized QuickBooks reseller for accurate pricing information.

Is it Possible to Access QuickBooks Desktop Pro Remotely?

Remote access to critical software and data has become more important than ever. Many small businesses like yours require the flexibility to access accounting software from multiple locations or while on the go. However, QuickBooks Desktop Pro is primarily designed as an on-premise software solution, which means it’s traditionally installed on a single computer and lacks built-in cloud-based features for remote access.

The good news is – You can deal with this challenge with the help of QuickBooks Pro hosting solutions. By leveraging third-party cloud hosting services, you can enjoy the benefits of QuickBooks Desktop Pro while gaining the flexibility of remote access. Here’s how it works:

  • Selecting a trusted hosting provider

Firstly, you need to look for a reputable cloud hosting provider that specializes in hosting QuickBooks Desktop Pro. These providers are experienced in setting up and maintaining the software in a secure cloud environment.

  • Migration and setup

Once you’ve selected the hosting provider, they will assist you in migrating your QuickBooks Desktop Pro data and software to their cloud servers. This typically involves transferring your company file and the QuickBooks application itself.

  • Access anytime, anywhere

With your QuickBooks Desktop Pro hosted on the cloud, you and your authorized team members can access the software from anywhere using their user credentials. This means you can work from home, during business trips, or even while visiting clients or vendors.

  • Security and data backup

Most cloud hosting providers prioritize the security of your data. They implement robust security measures, including data encryption, firewalls, regular backups, etc., to ensure the safety of your financial information.

  • Collaboration and multi-user access

Cloud hosting also enables seamless collaboration. Multiple users in your team will be able to access QuickBooks Desktop Pro simultaneously. This can make it easier for them to work as a team even if they are not present in the same physical location.

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