How Can Cloud Usage Help Survive Market Crisis?

How Can Cloud Usage Help Survive Market Crisis - Verito Technologies

Almost every organization feels the impact of a market crisis in one way or another. During uncertain times when the economic situation of a country is unfavorable, the first thing that a company wants is cost savings, be it in the form of layoffs, reduction in marketing spending, or restricted operations. We all have witnessed such a global crisis during the pandemic in the recent past, and it has made us wonder if technology alone can bear the load of bringing the business back to bright light. The world bank data shows that, on average, sales plunged to around 27-45% in 2021 from pre-pandemic levels. 

The good news is that cloud technology can make your business capable of sustaining the company while saving money. Whether it is about improving accessibility, maintaining data security, or improving response time, cloud computing can cater to various aspects. 

Here, we will cover what cloud hosting can bring to the company’s table in times of crisis.

  • Remote data/software accessibility

After the pandemic turned the world upside down, there was a dire need for accessing business data and software remotely to support work-from-home flexibility. While the impact of the pandemic is now reduced, organizations continue to stick to remote accessibility as the new norm. 

This is where cloud hosting solutions come into the picture. With the help of a trusted application hosting provider, you can migrate your local-hosted data and applications to a cloud server. This allows you to access data and software anywhere and at your convenience. So whether you are using Drake, QuickBooks, Lacerte, or UltraTax business software, you can host them on the cloud to add remote access features.

  • Reduced overhead expenses

When faced with a crisis, even IT infrastructure hosted on the business premise takes a sidekick. As a result, many organizations need to scale it down or keep the costly upgrade process on hold to cut expenses. Still, business leaders and management teams look forward to finding a solution that can support the business without relying on significant IT investments.

Cloud hosting makes this possible by shifting the infrastructural cost to the cloud provider’s end. As a cloud user, you need not invest in cloud servers or related IT devices but can still access them as per your selected hosting plan.

  • Easy scalability

Its pay-as-you-go model is an attractive element for businesses seeking a way to start availing cloud benefits. Like you pay utility bills for the services you have consumed, you only need to pay for the selected hosting plan and the corresponding computing resources. This is highly beneficial financially as the need to have significant working capital aside for IT investments can be eliminated. 

For example, when selecting a QuickBooks hosting plan, you utilize the Infrastructure-as-a-Service model. Here, the cloud service providers offer their cloud infrastructure for your business needs. You can scale the hosting plan up or down as per the spike or drop in business requirements.

  • Enhanced data security

In a business crisis, losing business data is the last thing you want to face. However, you cannot avoid such instances when your data is hosted on a local computer(s) unless it is well-protected. So, again, investing in data protection measures calls for significant investments. 

If you want to benefit from top-rated data protection measures like data encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems without paying for them, switch to cloud hosting. At Verito, we offer comprehensive data protection with our cloud hosting plans to all our clients. In addition, we will manage and update these security tools so that you can focus more on the core business side.

  • Business continuity during unexpected downtime

Whenever a business crisis occurs, many individuals think they are being attacked from all sides simultaneously. On one front, there can be cyberattacks on business-sensitive information, while there is a loss of data beyond the point of recovery. The repercussions can be disastrous when paired with already-existing financial disturbances (if any).

Using cloud solutions takes care of this side of the business as well. For example, if you face data loss because of natural or man-made calamity, you can recover it through periodic rolling backups maintained by your cloud service provider.

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The Bottom Line

Cloud hosting has a rock-solid use case for different types of businesses and can support digital transformation for your business. So if you want the best solution to continue growing your business even during tough times, now is the time to switch to cloud hosting.

To discuss your business requirements, call Verito’s Cloud experts at 1-855-583-7486.

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