QuickBooks Hosting for Small Businesses – The Ultimate Guide

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Accounting, one of the most imperative business operations, is critical in maintaining performance and efficiency. With a streamlined accounting process, you can better manage cash flow, adhere to compliance regulations, and make meaningful financial decisions. Unlike when managing accounts was entirely manual, things have changed with the availability of QuickBooks – an advanced accounting software that helps drive business income and expenses. 

If you are wondering whether QuickBooks is meant for only big businesses, you are all wrong. QuickBooks software has been designed with features that cater to a wide range of business needs, be it invoicing, reporting, or bill payments. Also, there are several versions of QuickBooks that you can select based on business-specific needs.

Wondering what QuickBooks hosting is, then? You need to understand the working of cloud accounting first.

More About Cloud Accounting for Small Businesses 

Cloud accounting refers to hosting your preferred accounting software on the cloud servers to benefit from maintaining records and performing accounting transactions remotely. This does not involve installing the software on your local computer to handle various sides of accounting, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, trial balance, ledger, and others.

The relation of small businesses with cloud accounting can be gauged from the fact that the global cloud accounting software market is expected to reach $45.3 billion by 2029. Over the years, small businesses have acquired cloud accounting solutions to improve workplace productivity and grow. 

QuickBooks Hosting – A Synonym for Cloud Accounting

Cloud hosting means selecting a cloud server instead of a local computer to host your business applications. When the application you choose here is QuickBooks, you can call it QuickBooks hosting. This mechanism allows you to access the software remotely via a web browser anytime and anywhere. 

If you want to benefit from cloud technology while accessing the robust QuickBooks functionalities, you need QuickBooks hosting for small businesses. Particularly concerning your small-scale business, there are two more aspects you must know about:

  • You must select a suitable QuickBooks version (For example – QuickBooks Pro) and pay for its license.
  • Once you have the license, you need to choose an adequate plan of QuickBooks hosting for small businesses. 

Both these aspects will determine the pricing associated with cloud accounting.

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Why Switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Hosting for Small Businesses?

  • QuickBooks accessibility on the go

One of the most significant benefits of QuickBooks hosting for small businesses is that it enables you to work on the software wherever you are. This is quite beneficial for business owners like you who are not always available within the office premise but need to get urgent tasks done on time.

  • Better data security

Any unfortunate event or disaster can make you lose business-critical data unless it is backed by cloud technology. QuickBooks hosting adds multiple security layers by storing the data on secure cloud servers. This way, your client’s data will be completely safe on servers managed by leading third-party cloud service providers.

  • Lower operational costs

QuickBooks hosting for small businesses does not involve significant upfront investment as in the case of traditional IT setup for application hosting. As mentioned above, you will only need to pay for your selected hosting plan. If you are reluctant to make the required transition because of hidden charges, you can pick the best cloud hosting provider that offers cloud solutions and ask for transparent pricing.

  • Centralized operations and data management

When you choose to host QuickBooks on the cloud, all the software files and data stay on the cloud and can be accessed by authorized users, irrespective of their location and time. This simplifies handling business data – transactional, customer-specific, etc., and makes it easier for you to handle accounting and operational activities.


  • QuickBooks hosting for small businesses allows multiple user access to the cloud-hosted software.
  • Your data will be hosted on high-performance servers that are easy to scale. 
  • You can select the hosting plan that best suits your business requirements.
  • The chosen cloud solution provider will also ensure automated software updates.
  • You will also benefit from rolling backups and disaster recovery features against accidental data loss.


What are the benefits of QuickBooks hosting for small businesses?

Your small business can benefit from remote software access, round-the-clock support, and enhanced team collaboration after switching to cloud-hosted QuickBooks.

Is QuickBooks on cloud meant for a small-scale business?

There is a wide range of QuickBooks hosting plans that you can select based on the scale of your business.

Is QuickBooks hosting an expensive proposition?

Although you need to pay for a QuickBooks hosting plan in addition to buying the QB license, the expense is worth the price.

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