A Complete Guide to TaxDome DMS

TaxDome DMS Guide

Accounting professionals and other business professionals create many documents as they liaise with their clients, partners, and other internal team members. While most organizations do their best to go paperless, they continue sharing and receiving documents from various workflows and systems. As a result, keeping them in a secure environment that is easily accessible is a common challenge. This is where Document Management Software (DMS) comes into the picture. 

While there are many DMS options available in the market, TaxDome lies ahead of its alternatives for its features and benefits to businesses. In this guide, we will explore TaxDome software in detail.

What is TaxDome?

TaxDome is an all-in-one accounting and tax practice management software for EAs, CPAs, bookkeepers, and accounting firms. It allows the users to streamline their accounting practice under one platform for internal management (including CRM, reporting, and workflow) and client-facing tasks (such as sharing documents, invoicing, messages, etc.). 

From sole proprietorships to firms having a staff of 20+ members, TaxDome can be used by different individuals to automate various menial tasks and free up valuable time. It is an intuitive, all-in-one cloud-based solution that can benefit your business in several ways. 

5 Reasons to Use TaxDome Software

  • Cost savings

Using this advanced practice management software, you can avoid paying for multiple tools and save hundreds of dollars. 

  • Time savings

Many professionals cannot help but waste their precious time navigating between apps. Unfortunately, this loss of time implies lost productivity at work. With TaxDome, you can keep all internal and external communications in a unified, organized workspace. This will drastically reduce the time it takes to work on different tasks related to accounting and tax practices.

  • Better client experience

While many of you might not have the same IT resources as a tech organization does, TaxDome software can help you retain clients. It provides them with a user-friendly communication portal to exchange documents securely, connect over usual tasks, and automate workflows

  • Reduced administrative work

Many tasks performed by accounting, tax, and bookkeeping professionals are redundant. Using TaxDome, you can have a closer view of the project as it progresses, delegate tasks more effectively, and automate several repetitive tasks. This way, you can reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and focus more on the billable work to be done for your clients.

  • Secure cloud-based document storage

Sharing business-sensitive data via common messaging apps is not recommended for business needs. This is where TaxDome can be of great help. It can securely host documents related to your practice at no additional cost and with no limits.

Features of TaxDome You Cannot Ignore

  • Centralized Hub for Employees and Clients

TaxDome gives you a fully-functional centralized hub that you can use to store, share, and manage various types of documents. In addition, you can involve your employees, clients, and other stakeholders for direct access to the cloud-based documents in TaxDome.

  • Device-agnostic

You (and other authorized users) can securely access the files and share data via TaxDome with clients. Your DMS will also be incorporated with the chosen CRM, client portal, e-signatures, etc. 

  • PDF editor

You can use its built-in PDF editor to merge PDFs whenever needed, make notes, highlight text, or send fillable PDF forms to various stakeholders. Moreover, the documents can be auto-saved without downloading or uploading any file. 

  • Advanced security

Under TaxDome, all your data will be stored under encryption measures based on your country’s financial, legal, and data protection standards. Its best-in-class security infrastructure is meant to host even your most valuable documents.

  • Easy integration with tax and accounting software

You can integrate various software like UltraTax, Drake, Lacerte, TaxWise, ProSeries, and many others with TaxDome. In addition, you can print documents from any of this software directly into TaxDome.

To know more about its features, click here.

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Switch to TaxDome Hosting to Avail of Cloud Benefits

Verito Technologies is an authorized host for TaxDome users and provides cloud hosting services to host this software on dedicated servers. You can also create an integrated workspace by using our cloud solutions to host TaxDome, QuickBooks, Lacerte, Drake, and other software on the cloud.

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